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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Dermaplaning with Kim Jay - Essex

Kim Jay Skin Specialist based in Essex is now offering Dermaplaning in her vast array of skin treatments.  I went to visit Kim at her treatment room in Brentwood above Uppercut in the High Street.

Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and vellus hair from the face and neck using a round ended scalpel.  It is a fabulous new year treatment for a skin refresh.  Usually Dermaplaning is combined with a mild chemical peel to give the skin a healthy glow, but in my case I have rosacea so we kept to Dermaplaning and a WOW mask.

First of all Kim used a mild exfoliant and then degreased my skin.  Kim did 12 passes over my forehead getting right up into my hairline with the gentle touch of the scalpel using feathery movements. There was quite a lot of dead skin in the hairline area as that area is often neglected.  (This has prompted me to cleanse thoroughly into my hairline and remember to moisturise there too).  As I had endoret cheek fillers the day before Kim was careful to only do 6 passes over my mid and lower face.  (It was ok to have this treatment the day after my fillers as the bio fillers were made from my own plasma from my own blood so there would be no reaction).  Kim was careful to avoid any of the areas where there was a rosacea flare up and  also the entry/exit points from my fillers.  After all dead skin cells and vellus hair was carefully removed  a WOW Mask was applied to my skin.  My skin really absorbed all the ingredients from the WOW Mask much more efficiently than usual and this hydration will last up to 7 days.  Kim massaged my hands and arms whilst the WOW Mask did it's magic.  A PH neutral moisturiser was used and sunblock to finish.

I found the whole process very relaxing and my skin was smooth and glowing afterwards.  There was no side effects and little aftercare.  I was to leave my skin alone that night and return to my usual skin routine the next day.  My make up went on smoothly the next day and had an airbrushed look to it.

I recommend Dermaplaning as a deep exfoliation treatment with zero fuss and no side effects for a glowing complexion.

Kim is also offers tailored facials, Dermapen Microneedling, Radio Frequency, Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy. Skin Peels and is constantly updating her training and education in the industry.  Kim is also a trainer for Natura Studios.  Kim Jay works out of Heavenly Beauty Salon Essex in Harold Hill and Rebecca Morris Brows and Beauty in Brentwood High Street above Uppercut.  Rebecca Morris who kim works along side with in Rebecca’s Salon in Brentwood specialises in HD Brows, Microblading and has just launched the amazing Collagen Wave which I will be trying soon.

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07739 329891

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Mesotherapy in Training with Dr Phlippe Hamida-Pisal

I regularly go the The Royal Society of Medicine for Mesotherapy training by the SoMUK, The Society of Mesotherapy of United Kingdom. This time I took a friend with me to give her a treat.  We had scalp, face, neck, décolletage and hand rejuvenation using mesotherapy cocktail of vitamins and minerals.

The scalp was treated with a meso gun. The face, neck and décolletage  was treated with small injections using needles with the 3 techniques : Epidermique, Papula and Intra hypo-dermic.  The hands were treated with a cannula using the combined mesotherapy cocktails with a non cross linked hyaluronic acid filler. The scalp mesotherapy fights against hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia and the loss of hair qualities.  The face, neck and décolletage  mesotherapy tightens skin, treats wrinkles, scars, acne and pores.  The hand mesotherapy does the same, but also gives the skin a thickened appearance with the non cross linked fillers to hide veins and improve the skin qualities.

I found the scalp mesotherapy very relaxing, as well as  the face, neck and décolletage treatment.  As a cannula was used to fan out the material in the hands, I found it a little sore.  After the fillers were disbursed in the hands, our hands were massaged.  Then we had Vitamin C applied all over the treated areas for optimum healing and protection against pollution and were given a sunscreen to protect from UVA and UVB rays.  

When we got outside we couldn't stop looking at our hands!  They looked so young!  This treatment needs to be maintained, the hand treatment is a course of 3, four weeks apart for optimum result and then one per year .  We couldn't stop raving about how good our skin felt and looked for days afterwards.  We will definitely be returning in the new year.  I also made some new medical friends to advise me on aesthetics matters.

If you are an aesthetician or aesthetics medic who wants to learn and train with the SoMUK, there will be courses at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in the new year.  Dates and contact details are below.

17th-18th of March 2018 23rd-24th of June 2018 06th-07th of October 2018 15th-16th of December 2018

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Non Surgical Nose Job with Mr Ash Labib

Mr Ash Labib the nose guru trains medical delegates in non surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers.  I volunteered to be a model for the training in London.  I have what I call a "scoop nose with a bobble on the end" so to have a straighter profile was beneficial to me.  Ash offers the "15 minute nose job" with no downtime.

Ash is very lively and interesting, he certainly knows his stuff.  (He is a ENT surgeon and qualified/experienced in expert aesthetics with is own clinic and training academy).  The delegates were Dentists, Doctors and Nurses.  Even my lip Doctor was there Dr Bawa.  Firstly my nose was numbed using anesthetic cream and then my nose was assessed.  Ash decided that I was to have the "scoop" filled to soften the nose.  The injection goes right into the cartilage and the fillers are slowly injected and then manually moulded.  Some was also injected above my slight boney bump and also then into the tip of my nose in an under motion.  A little was used to inject either side of my nostrils to reduce "flare".  Ash then decided that I would benefit from a little filler in my chin to slim my face and make it less round and more heart shaped.  

When I looked at the result I was amazed.  My nose is perfectly straight and looks slimmer.  Also combined with the chin fillers, it gives the illusion of a slimmer face.  So happy with the result.  A new nose with no downtime or painful surgery!  I definitely recommend this treatment. 

For any medics who want to train in aesthetics with Ash, here are his details:

Ash Labib Aesthetics
Dr Ash Labib : 07966 151486

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PRGF Scalp Treatment & Endoret fillers with Dr Lisa Godfrey

I visited Dr Lisa Godfrey at Smile Studios Cockfosters for my third PRGF scalp treatment and also some cheek and jaw fillers using her Endoret fillers.  Lisa is a Dentist and expert Aesthetics Doctor who is constantly updating her education.

PRGF is the plasma taken from the patients blood and is injected into the scalp to wake the hair follicles into communicating with other cells in the body stimulating hair growth.  (My hair has been falling out due to stress).  This treatment has shown a significant improvement in my hair thickness.

Whilst I was there, we were talking about Endoret fillers which are also made from the patients blood using the plasma to make a gel.  (Once the plasma is separated, it is heated and cooled to make the gel bio fillers).  The advantage of this is it's natural and there is no change of allergic reaction.  It is a particularly good treatment for vegans too.  A cannula was used for my cheek fillers and Lisa moulded the fillers into shape.  Then the cannula was used to fan out my jaw fillers and the jaw botox I had with Lisa to stop my teeth grinding and settle my migraines had left some dents in my jaw by my ears, so a subtle filler was needed.  I will have a top up of these fillers a further two times, three weeks apart to ensure that the effect lasts up to a year.  I'm really pleased with the results and looking forward to seeing Lisa again in the new year.

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Nails By Aina

I had a special occasion coming up so needed to get my nails done.  I love shellac.  I found Aina Lacomca on facebook and Instagram.  Her work is fabulous.  She is based at a Salon in Goodmayes and also goes mobile.  I made an appointment at the salon with her and asked her to surprise me.

She takes her time and good care to do a good and thorough job.  She has many tools and takes care to remove cuticles, dead skin and oils from the nails and to shape the nails so they all match perfectly.  Aina saw that I like bling and silver so she chose a mixture of glittery silver pink and silver colours swarovski jewels.  Aina is very friendly and I felt very comfortable in her company.  When she finished my nails looked so pretty, sparkly and blingy.  I couldn't stop looking at them.  I've never had anyone take so much care and time over my nails before, she is a perfectionist and enjoys her work.

Aina also does thorough manicure and pedicure with very good quality products and lash lift and tint, (which in my opinion is the best lash treatment).

I have recommended Aina to all my friends and will be going back to her in the future when I have more occasions to look pretty for.  Prices are really reasonable too.

Classic manicure £10              Classic pedicure £18

Full manicure + shellac/gel polish £15
Full pedicure +shellac/gel polish £25
Full manicure+full pedicure+ shellac/gel polish £35
Full manicure+ nail extensions+ shellac/gel polish £25
full manicure+refill of the nail extensions +shellac/gel polish £20
Nail art £2 per nail
Yumi lashes -eyelash lifting £40

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Barefaced Beauty Vegan Make Up - Cruelty Free

I found Barefaced Beauty on Facebook and was impressed to find out that their make up range is of natural origin, mineral based, vegan and cruelty free.  It is an award winning company with very good ethics.  They ensure there is no animal testing or animal products the the making of their cosmetics and have gained certified approval from Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny), PETA and The Vegan Society.  The raw materials are natural and ethically sourced ensuring it is legal and free from child labour.  The packaging is also recyclable - envirnonmentally friendly.  


I contacted them and they sent me a whole range.  Mineral Foundation, purple and yellow shade concealers as I have Rosacea and dark circles under my eyes, The eye shadow kit, bronzer, finishing powder and lip gloss.  I am very impressed with this lightweight formula is comfortable and natural feeling.  The powder controls my oil problem effortlessly.  The eye shadows are nice and natural looking, most of all I love the lips gloss.  It is perfect for this cold weather and dry lips.  It looks and feels really natural with no stickiness.  The make up is perfume and paraben free, so no irritating  reactions.  I love the fact it is vegan and not tested on my furry little friends.

They have many shades and also make up brushes.  So for all of those people out there looking for vegan make up.  I whole heartedly recommend this company!

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Full Body Massage at The Beauty Room Romford

I have been very stressed lately and in pain, so I decided to try my local salon The Beauty Room Romford for a full body massage.

Rachel was my therapist, a lovely lady and a mum like me so we just talked and talked about our children whilst she carried out the massage.  The oils smelt heavenly and Rachel's technique was very good.  She was aware of my back, sciatica and feet problems and was very careful around those areas, especially careful not to touch my feet. The massage was particularly good for my shoulders as that's where most of the stress is.  The manual manipulation breaks down the lactic acid which is formed in the body by way of protection for the muscles, thus relaxing the muscles and easing the pain.  I even had a scalp massage which was very soothing as I suffer from migraines and sinus problems.

After my massage, I was relaxed enough for parents evening and an early night!  This is what surprised me about the treatment, I slept all the way through the night for the next 3 nights!  (I suffer from Insomnia, awaking during the night for hours on end).

I will be going back to The Beauty Room Romford in the new year to try out the Caci facial treatment which promises to lift the facial muscles to give the face a firmer more youthful appearance.  

This is a great little place for the mums and dads of local littleun's as it's right near the local school!  My husband is even now going to book himself in for a massage.

The Beauty Room celebrates 25 years next March and were also shortlisted at The Havering Business Awards, they made it into the last 3 out of 100 businesses.
The Beauty Room
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PRP/PRGF Scalp Meso For Thinning Hair/Meso Facial & Migraine Botox

I am going to Dr Lisa Godfrey now for scalp mesotherapy for thinning hair using my own plasma from my own blood, it's called PRGF.  A mesogun is used to inject to the depth required.  Also then it is used on a faster mode at less depth all over.  After that the remaining plasma is rubbed onto the scalp.  I also had my face done whilst I was there as PRGF reduces sun damage, after the process was carried out on my face a gauze was applied and soaked in my plasma for a few minutes.  This is also a fabulous sunscreen and protection fro pollution.  Three sessions are required a month apart for maximum effect and then a top up treatment every six months to ensure it is still doing it's magic on a permanent basis.

This treatment can be used for thinning hair, scars, sun damage, pigmentation, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and sagging.  It can also be injected deeper for joint pain.

Lisa also knows that I suffer from migraines and teeth grinding, jaw clenching.  Lisa did some extensive botox for me to get me out of pain for a few months.  Injecting my jaw, my hairline, my head, in between my eyes and around my eyes.  This will relax all the muscles and temporarily stop the problems for as long as it works.  

Both of these treatments are medical treatments and I am grateful to lovely Lisa for taking pity on me!  Lisa is constantly updating her education and training and I'm in awe of how much she knows.  She also is a trainer for delegates.

Lisa is based at the Smile Studio in Cockfosters London and is well worth the travel!

The Smile Studio

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Georgia Peach Bum Lift

I'm taking my body contouring to a new level now for next summer!  I had HIFU Face Lift a couple of months back with Georgia Low-Louchiey of Advanced Beauty Solutions, Harlow, Essex.  When I went for my second go at that I also went for the Georgia Peach Bum Lift using radio frequency and HIFU.  

Firstly the skin was warmed with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and then the HIFU (High Frequency Ultrasound) was used to target the muscles in my butt and upper thighs.  I can say that HIFU Face lift does sting a bit and you need pain killers before and afterwards, but the butt lift does not at all!  1i need more than one go, so I will return to Georgia again and also as part of the package you get radio frequency sessions in between HIFU treatments.  People travel from all over to see Georgia for her treatments and if you are travelling far she will even pick you up from the station and drop you back.  I also had the second part of mole removal using the accor plasma pen whilst I was there which wasn't painful at all as topical numbing cream is used.  The mole is now completely gone which was on my chest and honestly bothered me.  My Face is firm and slimmer and my butt is lifted, firmer and has less dimples and dents.  Can't wait to see the outcome of this overall!

Georgia Low-Louchiey 07787 514940
Advanced Beauty Essex 
13, Stackfield, 
Harlow, Essex, CM20 2LA

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

PRGF - Dracular Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

For a while now my hair has been fine and thin due to medication and hormonal changes.  The good new is that if you catch this in time, you can reverse this.  This is true for men too.

I spoke to Lisa Godfrey of Smile Studio Cockfosters about this and she offered me a solution using deep mesogun mesotherapy using my own plasma growth factors from my own blood.  PRGF - Plama Rich In Growth Factors.

The patients blood is taken and spun in a specially formulated machine to separate the plasma which is rich in the patients growth factors.  This is then transferred to a mesogun and injected slowly into the scalp, first deeply to get into the hair shaft and the superficially into the skin of the scalp.  The beauty of this is there will be zero allergic reaction in the patient and it is suitable to vegans.

It didn't take long and I can say hand on heart that to me it didn't hurt at all.  It was pingey, but not painful.  Afterwards my remaining plasma was massaged into my scalp to protect and heal.

This PRP procedure can be used in mesogun and injections.  It can be used on any part of the body to rejuvenate and can also be injected into joints for joint pain and arthritis.  This can help with wrinkles, sagging skin, scars and hyperpigmentation.  I was even offered a session for my Rosacea and Ocular Rosacea the next time I come for scalp treatment and plasma eye drops for my Ocular Rosacea.  Also Lisa was kind enough to offer to inject my knees as I suffer from limited ability due to various physical problems.

Hair loss can happen in men at any age and women particularly during menopause.  It can be devastating, especially for a woman and it is really good that we now have these advanced procedures to combat and treat this.  Since the treatment, I have had less hair fall during washing and have baby hairs growing through.  Of course I have switched my hair care to something kinder too.  NaturVital shampoo and conditioner which is all natural and not tested on animals and NaturTint hair dye which is also cruelty free and kinder to the environment.  Can't wait for my next treatment!

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