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Monday, 21 May 2018

Elemis Facial at Mind, Body & Spirit

I visited Leigh at Mind, Body and Spirit at the Holiday Inn whilst I was in Brentwood.  Leigh's salon is situated by the gym and spa, which is very handy for a relaxing day out!

Leigh has many anti-ageing and body contouring techniques which give zero pain and zero downtime, just great results!  I can't wait to try in the near future.  For now I had a lovely relaxing Elemis facial tailored for my skin as I have Rosacea and oily T-Zone.

Elemis only use natural ingredients and is scientifically proven to meet every individual skin need.  It's ever evolving and cutting edge.

Firstly Leigh used a pre cleanse balm to hold onto any impurities ready for the gentle cleanse.  The balm is in place of oil as it is easy for travellers and less messy.  Then a gentle Rose Exfoliator was used to remove any lingering dead skin cells.  After this a soothing and calming Herbal Lavender Repair face mask was applied for 10 minutes whilst Leigh relaxed me with a hand and arm massage.  And finally barrier cream was applied which contained

My skin felt fresh, comfortable and radiant.  I would recommend this treatment as part of your skin care routine and especially as part of a spa day at this location!

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Dermalogica at The Salon BDC

I recently attended an open evening at The Salon BDC located at Barking and Dagenham College and organised by the lovely students.

I had the taster 10 minute Dermalogica Facial.  The aim of this facial for me was to achieve firmer skin with less redness as I have Rosacea.
So I had a gentle cleanse using the Ultracalming Cleanser.  Exfoliator was not used in this case as it's not advisable to exfoliate too much with Rosacea.  Then the area around my lips was concentrated on to reduce wrinkles with Age smart Super Rich Repair.  Finally Ultracalming Barrier Repair was used all over.  This is a waterless moisturiser which shields the skin against pollution and protects as a transdermal layer keeping all moisture in.  It was recommended that I include this particular step into my daily skincare.  Another recommendation was to use the Sound Sleep Cocoon as I suffer from insomnia.  This cream has encapsulated calming Lavender which is a well know aromatherapy treatment for insomnia.  Each time your face rubs onto the pillow a burst of the soothing fragrance is released to ease you back to slumber.

Dermalogica has a line for every skin concern, it's free of irritants and parabens and very  natural.  There is also a body range and make up too.  I think I will incorporate Dermalogica into my skin regime.

Dermalogica is the range used by The Salon BDC, you can pick up affordable facials here along with many other treatments including; lashes, nails, body contouring, massage, hair and make up.  This is also a great place to start your beauty training.

Barking & Dagenham College
Romford, United Kingdom
Call 020 3667 0118

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Open Day at Beauty Secrets - Godalming

I recently was kindly invited to Beauty Secrets in Godalming as a blogger to see what they have to offer and model for some treatments by Therapist Amy.

I was very impressed by what I saw.  I had a chat with the owners and found out that this is a family run business with many treatments under one roof and 3 locations, (Hove and Horsham).  The salon in Horsham also offers sauna and spa services.  This particular salon in Godalming offers; inch loss, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, nail treatments, skin collagen stimulating treatments such as dermapen and carbon facial using a laser.  Also there is a peaceful spa out back which offers relaxing holistic treatment such as lava shell massage and signature facials.  The spa smells amazing and has an aura of peace and calm, the relaxation treatments look amazing.

I modelled for inch loss treatment on my tummy area using the latest technology, the 3D Lipo machine.  I also modelled for the skin tightening treatment using radio frequency on my face, concentrating on my lower face.  The inch loss treatment was intense but not painful.  It consists of 3 steps, deep ultrasound cavitation to disrupt and melt fat cells, radio frequency skin tightening to create collagen and the shock wave to further break up fat cells and release water retention.  This usually takes 40-45 minutes, but as I was modelling and there wasn't time for the entire treatment I had 20 minutes of this.  I lost a few centimetres immediately which was impressive.  This treatment is for those fatty deposits that are difficult to shift.  It destroys fat cells permanently once melted they pass through the liver over a number of days, so lots of water is recommended to aid the elimination process.  I did feel the difference and also felt as if I'd been doing sit ups so this is firming too!  The facial uses the same machine on the radio frequency head which is relaxing and comfortable.  The radio frequency wakes up the basal layers of the skin to create collagen and elastin to firm the skin and also instantly firms the upper layers too.  I was happy with the lifting and plumping result.  This done repeatedly can make a huge difference to your skin and is ideal for anybody wanting firmer skin without too much intervention. 

I noticed that the model next to me, also Jenny was having a full body cellulite reduction therapy using a vacuum machine whilst wearing a body suit, which looked really interesting.  I would be very interested in trying this therapy in the future.  Jenny has been having this treatments combined with the 3D Lipo and is steadily losing weight and changing her shape making her feel more confident and happy about herself.

This salon is set in the pretty village of Godalming run by friendly and qualified staff and the owner even told me that they also have qualified doctors in aesthetics to offer treatments such as botox and fillers.  The next open day will be in October and I can't wait to catch up with the girls!

Profhilo by Nurse Chrissie Newson Rgn Medical Skin Clinic Brentwood

Profhilo is a treatment which is raved about so I'd thought I'd give it a go.  Nurse Chrissie Newson Rgn has a Medical Skin Clinic in Brentwood on Ongar Road just above Rocky's Fun House.  She's been offering aesthetics for a number of years including threads, botox and fillers.

Profhilo is a skin remodelling treatment which is a non crossed hyaluronic acid injected into 5 points of the mid and lower face on each side.  This is done again after 4 weeks to ensure the treatment lasts for up to 6 months.  After the hyaluronic acid is injected it spreads across the skin and attracts water to the skin to hydrate.  This treatment is recommended to 40-60 year old patients and is a preventative anti ageing treatment. Profhilo makes the skin firmer, plumper, softens fine lines, especially the static lines under the eyes and gives an even skin texture.  The non cross linked hyaluronic acid stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin over the time it takes to diffuse throughout the skin.  It can be used alone for people who do not wish to resort to more drastic treatments or can be complementary to other treatments such as threads to condition the skin.  It can also be used with botox and fillers to freshen your look.

After the first treatment even my children noticed the difference in my skin as they are so close up to me and touch my face all the time.  My skin is firmer, fine lines are reduced and redness is diffused as I have Rosacea so this is a treatment which can compliment Rosacea management.  I especially like the effect on the fine static lines under the eyes as these can be tricky to treat.  As a result I'm looking and feeling fresher and youthful.  I'm really happy with this treatment and the result.  There was no downtime for me, no side effects and no bruising, just excellent results.

The Medical Skin Clinic - 01708 504510 - 01277 532107 - 07578 482431
62-66 Ongar Road 
Brentwood CM15 9AX

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Lip Fillers with Cannula & Botox Meso by Dr Lisa Godfrey

Dr Lisa Godfrey recently told me about Botox Mesotherapy and offered for me to try.  This is an especially good treatment for me as I suffer Rosacea, open pore and oily T-Zone.  This treatment also has a tightening effect on the skin.  As I was due a lip top up, Lisa also suggested lips with her.  I was curious to see her technique as she uses a cannula rather than a needle, so there are no actual injection points on the lips.  This rules out bruising and infection of the lips and allows the filler to go in smoothly.

I was offered a Dental Block for my lips which I gladly took as I have never had cannula lip fillers before, this worked well whilst Lisa carried out the Botox Mesotherapy.   Lisa mixes the Botox with saline so as it is very diluted, (not the same as actual Botox anti wrinkle injections to paralyse the muscle and relax the wrinkles).  The diluted Botox is then added to a cocktail of Amino Acids for overall skin health.  Lisa used a Mesogun to deliver a series of injections subcutaneously under the skin in the areas where required.  Lisa concentrated on my chin, nose, cheeks and forehead for open pores and Rosacea and also injected around eyes and jowl area for tightening.  This was not painful or even uncomfortable at all and didn't take long.  

After this, my dental block was ready for my lips to be sculpted.  Lisa numbed the areas with topical anesthetic where the cannula would be inserted.  There were only 2 injection points. The filler used was Restalyne Kysse a firm and long lasting filler formulated for lips, we decided on 1ml.  Lisa's expert eye could see that my remaining lips fillers from before were still firmly in the vermillion border of my lips, so no top up was needed there.  Mainly the fillers were needed in the body of the top lip and a little in the bottom lip with some in the corners to lift.  Lisa filled each half of the lips top and bottom from each corner where the cannula was inserted beside the lips, she massaged and moulded as she injected the correct amount of filler.  I can tell that Lisa is expert at this as it didn't take long and wasn't painful, just pinchy when the cannula went in and when she was moving the blood vessels out of the way with the cannula. 

After, when I was handed the mirror I was so happy with the overall result.  I could see the redness instantly reduced in my skin and was told that this would continue to work over the next couple of day reducing the size of my pores too.  My lips look fabulous, I love them.  They look really natural, pouty without the "duck look" and plump.  (Lisa was also careful not to make my mouth look wide as I have a small face).  My lips only took 2 days for the swelling to go, which wasn't a problem and there was no bruising.  Also I don't look sad anymore as my lips curl upwards at the corners now instead of downwards.  My skin is firmer, less red and as promised the pores are now reduced.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


I've recently discovered Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate Food Supplement thanks to Emeline Hartley and Lee Hewitt of Emeline Hartley Associates Ltd. This supplement promises skincare from within. The tasty one piece a day chocolate combines nature with science to support skin nutrition.

The astacelle crystal defence system combines the two main ingredients Cocoa Phenol epicatechins and astaxanthin which is scientifically evidenced over several years of research at Cambridge Uiversity. This product adheres to strict quality standards. It is developed by a leading biotech company in Cambridge UK and each batch receives a separate Cambridge Chocolate Quality Pass. It is Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and diabetics and only contains 38 calories per 7.5g daily serving. This also contains 72.6% dark chocolate a powerful antioxidant.

This patented supplement is scientifically proven to slow down the skin ageing metabolic rate. It will over time improve skin collagen content and elasticity, increase skin cell regeneration, reduce cellulite, reduce inflammation, boost circulation, improve oxygen saturation, deliver antioxidants to soak up free radicals. After 4 weeks a beneficial difference in the skin quality can be seen. (If this can be done for your skin with Esthechoc, just imagine the internal benefits too!) More information about this product can be read on the website:

I have been using Esthechoc for 4 weeks now myself to support all of my aesthetic treatments. I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin. I suffer from Rosacea and the redness and breakouts have significantly improved. My skin is firm and glowing. I also seem to have more energy. This has to be up there as one of the best skin supplements I have tried.

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Emeline Hartley Associates

London - Kent - Nottingham - Leicester - Norfolk - Nuneaton - Birmingham
Clinics, salons and individuals can access Esthetchoc through Emeline Hartley on her links Also Lee Hewitt 07880 876353
And myself Jenny Essex :

Friday, 9 February 2018

Non Surgical Breast Lift at IMed Aesthetics

I've had the fourth part of my non surgical breast lift at Imed Aesthetics UK.  I will now only need to have a top up in a few weeks.  My F cup is now 2 inches higher, my breasts are rounder and they are back together instead of divorced.  I'm over the moon with this result!  I can really see and feel the difference.  I feel so much more comfortable now in my bras and my posture has improved significantly.

The 3 stage breast reduction is over a 2 hour session and is £75 for each session.  The machine is cutting edge with health and safety at at the forefront.  There is a microchip in the machine which will automatically switches off the mechanism if it detects any danger to the client, (so overheating of the tissues is impossible).  Radio frequency is used in 2 stages.  Stage 1 is skin tightening and stage 2 is muscle tightening.  After this the vacuum machine is used to tone the tissues and eliminate excess fluid and toxins.   

This treatment is perfect for any ladies that have breastfed or lost a lot of weight and is left with some sag to their breasts.  There is no pain, no downtime and best of all - no scars.

IMed's cutting edge and painless machines are from Switzerland and have all the leading UK treatments.  Imed also sell these machines to salons and clinics.  If you are looking to offer these treatments in your clinic or salon, Sales Consultant Lian Allard can help - 07745 330742.

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Monday, 5 February 2018

Barking & Dagenham College Salon - Essex

I am now a regular at Barking and Havering College Salon for the girls to pass their exams on when doing treatments.

I recently had a non surgical bum lift and had some treatments at the college to support this.

Firstly I had galvanic treatment on the backs of my thighs to treat cellulite.  This treatment is electrical and lasts for 25 minutes.  It tingles and feels warm, but is not painful.  I then had Faradic treatment in the same area using electrical pads on belts.  This tones and defines the muscles.  After this I had the vacuum suction treatment over my legs, back and tummy to drain toxins and excess fluids.  After this I felt a little tired, but also a little lighter!  It made all the difference to show off my bum lift as my legs were firmer and people actually noticed the difference.

This is a working salon as well as a training salon.  Members of the public can book for an affordable treat as well as beauticians enrolling for training.

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Opening hours:
Mon/Tues/Thurs 9-5
Weds 11-7
Sat 9-5

Barking and Dagenham College
Rush Green Campus
Dagenham Road

Salon Manager : Chantelle Macganus

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

SPMU with Elizabeth Kane Essex

I get Semi Permanent Tattooed on make up with Elizabeth Kane in Essex.  Elizabeth works with her mother Ruth Kane.  Elizabeth and Ruth have a treatment room in Hornchurch, Elizabeth also works out of Havering Beauty Academy in Hornchurch.  The mother and daughter duo also train beauticians in SPMU and mesotherapy and they need models for their trainees to pass their exams on throughout the year.  The model charge is £75.

I'm always in there and bring friends too.  It's really great to have brows, eyeliner and lip liner there when you wake in the morning.  I also get lip blush so as it looks like lipstick, all that's needed is a lick of lip balm.  I'm not good at drawing on brows and my brows are very thin due to over plucking in the 90's as that was the trend back then.  My eyeliner always looks crisp and on point.  I could not live without this treatment.  It's now a part of my life.  Elizabeth and Ruth are expert trainers and do not let the beauticians doing their exams do a single stroke without them watching over them.  I always get compliments on my SPMU and am always really happy with the results.  Swim ready make up!  I recommend Elizabeth and Ruth Kane whole heartedly.

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The Salon Barking and Dagenham College

I was invited to Barking and Havering College Salon by salon manager Chantelle Mcangus to sample some treatments.

The first treatment I have was non surgical facial using electrical current treatment.  This is a dual facial which targets the skin condition and texture and the contours of the face.  A course of this treatment 6-8 treatments are required of 20 minutes each.  My neck, jawline and around my eyes were targeting with the probes of the machine by Chantelle.  I could see an immediate difference afterwards, especially around my eyes. Instant eye lift.  This also helped my Rosacea and left my skin glowing.

After this I moved onto the Faradic Body Treatment on my tummy using electrical pads on a belt - a bit like slendertone to tone, define and work my abdominal muscles.  A lovely young student called Demi did this for me.  I did 20 minutes of this and got to level 5 on this machine, the equivalent of 300 sit ups!  It was an odd sensation, but not uncomfortable and ideal for me as I have back problems so need to strengthen my core muscles.

Then I was given a lovely relaxing back and shoulder massage by Demi which was heaven.  This relaxes muscles, releases lactic acid build up which causes muscle pain and promotes well being and good sleep.  After this lots of water should be taken to flush out toxins.

I'll be going back to see Demi soon for Galvanic cellulite treatment.

This is a great location as there are bus stops just outside and also good prices for those who want beauty on a budget.  A training and working salon good for training beauticians and for an affordable treat too.

The Non Surgical Face costs just £18-£20 per session.  The Faradic Body Treatments costs £15 for 45 minutes.  A full body massage is just £15-£20.

There will be an open evening soon for all with nibbles, drinks and demos.

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Opening hours:
Mon/Thurs 9-7
Tues/Weds 9-7
Sat 9-2

Barking and Dagenham College
Rush Green Campus
Dagenham Road