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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Barefaced Beauty Vegan Make Up - Cruelty Free

I found Barefaced Beauty on Facebook and was impressed to find out that their make up range is of natural origin, mineral based, vegan and cruelty free.  It is an award winning company with very good ethics.  They ensure there is no animal testing or animal products the the making of their cosmetics and have gained certified approval from Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny), PETA and The Vegan Society.  The raw materials are natural and ethically sourced ensuring it is legal and free from child labour.  The packaging is also recyclable - envirnonmentally friendly.  


I contacted them and they sent me a whole range.  Mineral Foundation, purple and yellow shade concealers as I have Rosacea and dark circles under my eyes, The eye shadow kit, bronzer, finishing powder and lip gloss.  I am very impressed with this lightweight formula is comfortable and natural feeling.  The powder controls my oil problem effortlessly.  The eye shadows are nice and natural looking, most of all I love the lips gloss.  It is perfect for this cold weather and dry lips.  It looks and feels really natural with no stickiness.  The make up is perfume and paraben free, so no irritating  reactions.  I love the fact it is vegan and not tested on my furry little friends.

They have many shades and also make up brushes.  So for all of those people out there looking for vegan make up.  I whole heartedly recommend this company!

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Full Body Massage at The Beauty Room Romford

I have been very stressed lately and in pain, so I decided to try my local salon The Beauty Room Romford for a full body massage.

Rachel was my therapist, a lovely lady and a mum like me so we just talked and talked about our children whilst she carried out the massage.  The oils smelt heavenly and Rachel's technique was very good.  She was aware of my back, sciatica and feet problems and was very careful around those areas, especially careful not to touch my feet. The massage was particularly good for my shoulders as that's where most of the stress is.  The manual manipulation breaks down the lactic acid which is formed in the body by way of protection for the muscles, thus relaxing the muscles and easing the pain.  I even had a scalp massage which was very soothing as I suffer from migraines and sinus problems.

After my massage, I was relaxed enough for parents evening and an early night!  This is what surprised me about the treatment, I slept all the way through the night for the next 3 nights!  (I suffer from Insomnia, awaking during the night for hours on end).

I will be going back to The Beauty Room Romford in the new year to try out the Caci facial treatment which promises to lift the facial muscles to give the face a firmer more youthful appearance.  

This is a great little place for the mums and dads of local littleun's as it's right near the local school!  My husband is even now going to book himself in for a massage.

The Beauty Room celebrates 25 years next March and were also shortlisted at The Havering Business Awards, they made it into the last 3 out of 100 businesses.
The Beauty Room
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PRP/PRGF Scalp Meso For Thinning Hair/Meso Facial & Migraine Botox

I am going to Dr Lisa Godfrey now for scalp mesotherapy for thinning hair using my own plasma from my own blood, it's called PRGF.  A mesogun is used to inject to the depth required.  Also then it is used on a faster mode at less depth all over.  After that the remaining plasma is rubbed onto the scalp.  I also had my face done whilst I was there as PRGF reduces sun damage, after the process was carried out on my face a gauze was applied and soaked in my plasma for a few minutes.  This is also a fabulous sunscreen and protection fro pollution.  Three sessions are required a month apart for maximum effect and then a top up treatment every six months to ensure it is still doing it's magic on a permanent basis.

This treatment can be used for thinning hair, scars, sun damage, pigmentation, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and sagging.  It can also be injected deeper for joint pain.

Lisa also knows that I suffer from migraines and teeth grinding, jaw clenching.  Lisa did some extensive botox for me to get me out of pain for a few months.  Injecting my jaw, my hairline, my head, in between my eyes and around my eyes.  This will relax all the muscles and temporarily stop the problems for as long as it works.  

Both of these treatments are medical treatments and I am grateful to lovely Lisa for taking pity on me!  Lisa is constantly updating her education and training and I'm in awe of how much she knows.  She also is a trainer for delegates.

Lisa is based at the Smile Studio in Cockfosters London and is well worth the travel!

The Smile Studio

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Georgia Peach Bum Lift

I'm taking my body contouring to a new level now for next summer!  I had HIFU Face Lift a couple of months back with Georgia Low-Louchiey of Advanced Beauty Solutions, Harlow, Essex.  When I went for my second go at that I also went for the Georgia Peach Bum Lift using radio frequency and HIFU.  

Firstly the skin was warmed with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and then the HIFU (High Frequency Ultrasound) was used to target the muscles in my butt and upper thighs.  I can say that HIFU Face lift does sting a bit and you need pain killers before and afterwards, but the butt lift does not at all!  1i need more than one go, so I will return to Georgia again and also as part of the package you get radio frequency sessions in between HIFU treatments.  People travel from all over to see Georgia for her treatments and if you are travelling far she will even pick you up from the station and drop you back.  I also had the second part of mole removal using the accor plasma pen whilst I was there which wasn't painful at all as topical numbing cream is used.  The mole is now completely gone which was on my chest and honestly bothered me.  My Face is firm and slimmer and my butt is lifted, firmer and has less dimples and dents.  Can't wait to see the outcome of this overall!

Georgia Low-Louchiey 07787 514940
Advanced Beauty Essex 
13, Stackfield, 
Harlow, Essex, CM20 2LA

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

PRGF - Dracular Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

For a while now my hair has been fine and thin due to medication and hormonal changes.  The good new is that if you catch this in time, you can reverse this.  This is true for men too.

I spoke to Lisa Godfrey of Smile Studio Cockfosters about this and she offered me a solution using deep mesogun mesotherapy using my own plasma growth factors from my own blood.  PRGF - Plama Rich In Growth Factors.

The patients blood is taken and spun in a specially formulated machine to separate the plasma which is rich in the patients growth factors.  This is then transferred to a mesogun and injected slowly into the scalp, first deeply to get into the hair shaft and the superficially into the skin of the scalp.  The beauty of this is there will be zero allergic reaction in the patient and it is suitable to vegans.

It didn't take long and I can say hand on heart that to me it didn't hurt at all.  It was pingey, but not painful.  Afterwards my remaining plasma was massaged into my scalp to protect and heal.

This PRP procedure can be used in mesogun and injections.  It can be used on any part of the body to rejuvenate and can also be injected into joints for joint pain and arthritis.  This can help with wrinkles, sagging skin, scars and hyperpigmentation.  I was even offered a session for my Rosacea and Ocular Rosacea the next time I come for scalp treatment and plasma eye drops for my Ocular Rosacea.  Also Lisa was kind enough to offer to inject my knees as I suffer from limited ability due to various physical problems.

Hair loss can happen in men at any age and women particularly during menopause.  It can be devastating, especially for a woman and it is really good that we now have these advanced procedures to combat and treat this.  Since the treatment, I have had less hair fall during washing and have baby hairs growing through.  Of course I have switched my hair care to something kinder too.  NaturVital shampoo and conditioner which is all natural and not tested on animals and NaturTint hair dye which is also cruelty free and kinder to the environment.  Can't wait for my next treatment!

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Treating & Managing Rosacea with Pam Cushing

During a WOW Facial by Debbie Costello (put who she is, facialist or skin specialist and where she is based)  at the Hyalual Institute UK she assessed my skin and was diagnosed with Rosacea.  Up to this time  I had been seeing  an aesthetics Doctor who had diagnosed me with acne.  She had prescribed monthly harsh chemical peels and medical grade Retinol for frequent home use for this.  What i did find it actually made my skin worse.  I now know This was totally the wrong thing for Rosacea.

During a Facebook discussion about Rosacea on my forum I found out that Rosacea is quite common and lots of people came forward looking for advice in the forum.  Fortunately I encountered an aesthetics Nurse called Pam Cushing who works closely with and has much respect for skin experts.  You can have all the aesthetics available, but if your skin is suffering this will not make a world of difference.  Skin health is crucial.  "Show your skin love and it will love you back" is Pam's motto.

Pam invited me to see her at SC Skin Clinic in Hornchurch Essex where she has a clinic once a month.  We discussed the previous misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment and Pam informed me that due to this my skin had been stripped of it's transdermal protective layer and now was screaming out for help - hence the redness, itchiness and red raised spots.  I am losing moisture from my skin at a rapid rate.  I understand now that the largest organ in the body - the skin should be left to the skin experts and I have learned a valuable lesson the hard way.  I am learning all the time.

Pam prescribed committing to a home care system to rebuild my transdermal skin layer before we even address skin treatments by pHformula PH Formula.  The CR line has been specifically formulated to manage the symptoms of chronic redness and Rosacea. This is the correct PH for the skin and will not cause an angry reaction.  It is a 5 step system which I have committed to and she has said to get the best results I must not use anything else on my skin.  I have a box of pHformula  creams etc which will last me for 3 months.  Firstly the EXFO cleanse which is a wet cleansing cream containing Lactobionic Acid and is to be used day and night before moisturising.  This removes make up, dirt, pollution and grease and a thick layer can be left on before rinsing with a muslin cloth once a week for a deep cleanse.  Next I am to apply CR Cream active/recovery cream and SOS rescue cream, 1 pump of each and gently blend with my fingertips.  This is to be applied day and night after cleansing.  This will help rebuild my skin's protective top layer  over the next month.  Once a day I am to use a pea sized amount of UV Protect SPF 30+ in the morning to protect from pollution and sun rays.  I also have Synergy serum which I will use at night before the CR and SOS when my skin is more calm and able to tolerate it, (after about a week).  This serum contains a gentle Retinol which is microencapsulated and time released for sensitive skin to help thicken the skin and make it more tolerant.

I must give my skin a rest for a while for treatments.  After that mesotherapy is fine, but under no circumstances should I have any skin peels, especially the harsh chemical peels I had been having.

I am now on my journey and almost a week in my skin is calming.  I use Vichy Dermablend oxidising SPF protection foundation when I go anywhere special to camouflage the Rosacea.  My skin is less red, angry, itchy, sore and the red spots are calming down.  It seems my skin is in the beginnings of being able to retain moisture again and protect itself from the elements and pollution.  I am confident that with Pam Cushing's help this Rosacea can be managed and my skin can look good again.  Can't wait to experience and see the benefits of the pHformula PH Formula skin treatments when my skin is up to it!

For anyone battling Rosacea, I recommend getting in touch with Pam Cushing, she is amazing!

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Thursday, 19 October 2017

WOW FACIAL - This is not just a facial!

Melissa Austin Foreman and I were officially invited as bloggers to try the WOW Facial at Hyalual Institute UK.  We met Debbie Costello a skin expert.  During my consultation I was diagnosed with Rosacea which I now can manage now I know what is wrong with my skin.  I am currently seeing Pam Cushing for this thanks to Debbie for diagnosing me.

The WOW facial is no ordinary facial.  It has been rigorously tested.  It is a 6 step treatment which acheives luxurious skin quality and glow.  The actual facial takes 90 minutes and results are instant.  Great for a special night out or a treat for a loved one.

Firstly gentle skin resurfacing is achieved by cleansing and a gentle skin peel; (salicylic acid, mandelic acid, lactobionic acid, pyruvic acid, retinol).  Don't be scared of the word "acid" it is very gentle and actually doesn't cause any burning, peeling or flaking, just resurfacing and opening up the microchannels prepping the skin for the next step.  (I avoided this step and just had the gentle cleanse due to the Rosacea).

Next is the mechanical exfoliation using dermaplaning - a scalpel to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz hair. I have always wanted to try this since it first came out and I must say I absolutely love it!  (Debbie of course avoided areas that were inflamed with Rosacea).  This also unblocks pores and allows for superior penetration of products in the next step to avoid any flaking post treatment.

3rd step is the WOW Gun.  This is a controlled needling device which uses a serum combination of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid.  The serum is needled superficially into the skin to penetrate skin cells and deliver the benefits of the serum.  Succinic acid is vital for all forms of life to thrive and hyaluronic acid to flood the skin with moisture.  Succinic acid is a strong antioxidant which will stimulate new growth of elastin and collagen, it energises and detoxes the skin for up to 4 weeks and brightening effects can last for up to 3 months.  I didn't find this painful and it didn't take long at all.

Step 4 is very relaxing - led light therapy using the WOW LED Mask.  This is left on for 20 minutes.  Blue and red light was used on me.
The benefits of this are; reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, increased hydration, even skintone and texture, pore reduction and radiance.

After this step the WOW Mask was used. I love the WOW Mask and can hand on heart say that this is the best mask I have ever used.  It is a RMPC complex serum on a gel matrix in 2 parts to fit any shape or size face.  Ingredients include; high strength hyaluronic acid, argireline, stem cells and fruit extracts.  The WOW Mask uses transdermal technology to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin to the deepest layers.  The effects of these ingredients relaxes the fine lines and wrinkles and shrinks the pores whilst hydrating the skin for up to 7 days.  The mask can be left on from 20 minutes, up to 40 minutes.  Within 20 minutes, my skin had completely sucked in all the wonderful serum as it was prepped so well.

The last step is a spray of ProfiDelux which is a spray that contains succinic acid and hyaluronic acid and some SPF and panthenol to protect the skin from the outside environment and aid healing.

This is a complete luxury that I urge anyone to treat their skin to.  Love your skin and your skin will love you back.

Kits for the WOW Facial can be purchased from Hyalual UK with free in salon/clinic training and the WOW Facial is offered by salons and clinics up and down the country.

Testimonial "The WOW facial left my skin dewy, clear and glowing.  My skin lit up.  The treatment worked on every part of my face and 3 weeks later my skin was still continuing to improve.  It really is a WOW factor treatment."  Kystal Roxx DJ & Producer

Contacts: Claire Williams, Jenny Essex, Katie Bennett

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mesotherapy training by Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal

I got the chance to model for Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal, President at Society of Mesotherapy of United Kingdom : SoMUK
He was training delegates at The Royal Society of Medicine for “Mesotherapy to Treat Alopecia (hair loss)”.  During the training I learned that the leading possible causes of female hair loss are; medication, hair dye, age, stress, hormones and menopause.  

A cocktail of vitamins that includes vitamin A, E, C, more than seven different types of vitamin B and antioxidants and amino acids in a serum was used and injected into my scalp with a mesogun, which didn't hurt and was actually quite relaxing.. Also, the delegates learned how to inject my scalp using the papule technique.  I can't say that I found this painful at all.  This treatment stimulates the hair follicle and brings it back to life, which encourages new hair to grow.  A course of scalp mesotherapy is recommended and this treatment can be used on men and women who suffer from thinning hair.

I was told not to wash my hair until the following morning.  I already use shampoos and conditioner that are natural and don't contain sulphates and chemical by Natur Vital which are not tested on animals.  The one containing Ginseng is good for scalp stimulation. I noticed much less hair fall when I washed my hair.  I also decided to start using Dr Organic Hemp Oil Scalp mousse from Holland and Barrett.  I took note of what Dr Philippe said about dyeing and bleaching and now switched my hair dye to Naturtint cruelty free range from Holland and Barrett.  I notice that my hair is in better condition, it has grown quicker and I also have baby hairs where I had the mesotherapy.  I will be going back to model for scalp, face, neck decolletage and hands in December as I am not scared of a needle!

For delegates wishing to train in Mesotherapy, Dr Phlippe Hamida-Pisal will be holding more trainings in December and at the beginning of next year, more information at .  Also models will be required. 

Mesotherapy training by the Society of Mesotherapy of United Kingdom will be held on the 16th and 17th of December.
Registration already started and based on first come, first served.
Our training is divided in 3 modules and based in central London, at the Royal Society of Medicine, and includes one year Membership with our Society.

Module 1: Rejuvenation of the Face, Neck, D├ęcolletage and Hands 
Module 2: Alopecia , Cellulite and stretch marks

Module 3: Pain Management / Sport Injuries

For more information

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Micro Needling for skin with Michele Hennan Brentwood

Michele Hennan is a skin expert and holistic beautician in Brentwood Essex with a professional beauty room, she invited me to have some micro needling as she knows I suffer from eczema.  Michelle can treat a number of skin conditions with micro needling including acne and scarring.  In fact she told me that she successfully reduced her daughter's acne scarring with microneedling.  Michele also offers skin peels.  She uses Dermapen the best needling device and Natura Studio products where she trained. Michele also gives holistic treatments such as reflexology, various massages including pregnancy massages and aromatherapy.  Beauty treatments include HD brows, waxing and lash and brow tinting.  There is also a Galvaderm Electrical Facial which looks interesting using high frequency current to purify and plump the skin giving a firmer appearance.  Quite an impressive menu of treatments under one roof.

Michele is easy to talk to, calm in manner and very knowledgeable when it comes to skin care.  I actually found out that the chemical peels I'd previously had for hormonal break outs  were not suitable for my sensitive skin.  She recommended a minimally invasive slow speed micro needling facial with hyaluronic acid serum.  The needling pushes the hyaluronic acid deep into the skin tissues to attract moisture and the mild irritation to the skin kick starts it into healing by producing collagen and elastin from the fibroblasts.  I found the facial quite relaxing and not at all painful and Michele also used a hydrating mask after whilst massaging my shoulders, neck and decollete.  The beauty couch she uses is also heated which was heaven for my back, I didn't want to get up!  I was advised to use moisturiser little and often to avoid dryness and use SPF daily.   It takes about 3-4 weeks to see the full results, it is red for a day and tight at first but glowing.  A week on my skin is feel moisturised, I don't have any more flaking from the eczema and it looks less angry. 

This treatment is £175 for 1 hour, it is recommended that a course of 3 treatments is booked which is £457 and should be carried out at least 2 weeks apart. 

Michele Hennan Skin Care Specialist & Beauty is based at 28 London Road, Brentwood, CM14 4QG
07595 220502

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

HIFU Machine Lift and Firm with Georgia Low-Louchiey - Harlow - Essex

I have heard so many good things about HIFU machine tightening and seen so many good before and after photos, so I was thrilled when Georgia Low-Louchiey asked me to come and try it for myself!  Georgia and I go back to when I wrote about mesotherapy in the Havering Post and on my blog for her.  The treatment is amazing and Georgia also uses Redermalization and Wow Masks by Hyalual UK, only the best products.  I also blogged on the mesotherapy, it made my skin glow.

Georgia is based in Harlow, she has a lovely shabby chic lodge that she uses as a treatment room all new and recently decorated.  Advanced Beauty Solutions By Georgia Low-Louchiey boasts a range of non surgical solutions for body and face.  Georgia offers the Redermalization Mesotherapy, WOW Facial using WOW collagen mask and LED light mask for a range of skin conditions, Caci facial tightening, , PH Formula skin resurfacing treatments, Microneedling Dermapen and HIFU for body and face.  

HIFU - High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is the latest technology available for face lifting and skin tightening without surgery. Just one session will tighten and lift the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin tone, providing visible results that will last up to two years.  HIFU is FDA approved and has the highest client satisfaction rate of all non surgical face lifting treatments.  It targets deep down in the foundation layer of your skin, the same layer addressed in cosmetic surgery. Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside in, the HIFU procedure bypasses the surface of the skin, and delivers targeted energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues and muscles where collagen lives.  Visible improvements are immediate, however the majority of the results are seen in approximately 3-4 months, with further improvements being seen up to 3-6 months later.  HIFU uses focused ultrasound to precisely target and treat tissue at three levels, the Superficial Dermis, Deep Dermis and most importantly the SMAS which is at the top of the muscle, whilst at the same time leaving the surrounding tissue intact. These layers cannot be treated with chemical peels, micro-needling or other devices such as lasers Radio Frequency or microcurrent. The results of this treatment is the closest you can get to an actual surgical face lift but without surgery.

This treatment can be used all over the body apart from female breasts due to delicate glands.  It can be used for; face lift, neck lift, decolletage, upper arms, thighs, tummy, back and buttocks.  Georgia is now offering the "Hollywood Butt Lift" a very popular treatment.  (I may look into this in the future!) I opted for mid and lower face, neck and  decolletage lift.

To be honest, I have had machine facials before and it was definately not what I expected.  It is very powerful indeed.  It is administered on one part at a time and then that part is gone over a few times.  It is very high intensity and bypasses the skin to the top of the muscle, toning and lifting as it goes.  You can really feel the power, it does hurt a bit, but I coped by talking my way through it to take my mind off it.  No pain, no gain!  It was bearable, I would not have stopped her half way through and to be honest the results are really worth it.  It does ping and you can feel the muscle being targeted and even for days after you can still feel it working on the muscle.  The good part is, it doesn't take long.I had instant results that blew me away and over the last few days they are getting better and better.  My friends have said how my face looks smaller and lifted and also my cheekbones are really visible, making contouring well worth it now.  My under chin was the area that I was most concerned about and that is noticeably tighter.  Even my husband and children have told me that it has made a difference.  

Whilst I was there, Georgia noticed a mole on my chest that I've had since birth.  I've had it checked over and it is safe.  She offered to remove this with her plasma fusion machine called ACCOR which she uses for eye lifts and mole removals.  (This is similar to PlexR).  It took a little numbing cream and was treated in no time with zero pain.  

I will go back in 3 months for another HIFU session  in the same places to give that extra boost and make it hold for around 18 months to 3 years.  And also I will have another plasma fusion session on my mole to ensure it is fully gone.  All of these confidence building results without surgery!  Magic!  Can't wait to see some of Georgia's body treatments results on her Facebook page, especially the "Hollywood Butt Lift".

Prices for treatments can be found on Treatwell..... 
Georgia Low-Louchiey 07787 514940
Advanced Beauty Essex 
13, Stackfield, 
Harlow, Essex, CM20 2LA

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