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Friday, 27 November 2015

Semi Permanent Make Up Lips at last! With Ruth Kane of Essex

I finally plucked up the courage to have SPMU lips again!  The reason for not having them for such a long while was that it hurts, it's uncomfortable and if mistakes are made in training they are painful and lengthy to rectify.

I decided to go to a reputable professional in Essex called Ruth Kane who has years of experience under her belt.  I felt very confident in Ruth as I met her when I had my eyebrows done in training. 

Ruth works from her lovely home in Hornchurch, she also teaches at Havering Beauty Academy in Hornchurch and her daughter Elizabeth Kane practices SPMU make up from Havering Beauty Academy.   Like mother, like daughter: you only have to look at Elizabeth's work on her Facebook page to see it's as exemplarily like her mother's  ( Ruth also practices in medical SPMU such as scar coverage and areola reconstruction.

Ruth made me very comfortable and at ease, she is a friendly and lovely lady.  I have always chosen a rosy pretty pink colour in the past, but I decided to chose a peachy pretty pink this time, (not unlike the colour of lipstick Natasha Hamilton choses to wear).

After we agreed on a peachy pink colour to match my skin tone, Ruth got to work and in no time I was all done!  She is such a pro!  The anaesthetic cream she uses works well, so it didn't hurt too much.  We decided on liner just outside the lip line and blush (not outside vermillion boarder).  The process was done twice to really get the colour in and then Ruth patted some of the colour onto my lips and blotted it in before applying a protective film of vaseline so as the pigment soaked into my open skin on my lips on the way home.  (I have never had this done before, it ensures a bolder, stronger colour once the healing process is finished).  Ruth booked a follow up appointment for 6 weeks time to check her work and go over it to make it last and fill any gaps that may have occurred during the healing.

Such a thorough and professional approach to SPMU, Ruth certainly takes pride in her work!  I have been to different SPMU companies in the past and I can say that Ruth is definitely one I can whole heartedly recommend.
07974 754410

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Microdermabrasion at Havering Beauty Academy and Salon in Hornchurch

Katie Newman owner of Havering Beauty and Hair Salon invited me for a treatment review. I chose microdermabrasion as I have never tried this treatment before.
This treatment helps with; fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne and acne scarring, blemishes, patches, age spots, pigmentation irregularities and stretch marks.
It was relaxing and didn't hurt a bit, also the technician was really friendly and chatty. The treatment itself involved the skin on my face being blasted with microcrystals with a blow/suction machine after cleansing. The resurfacing of my skin with the microcrystals ensured that my skin was kick started into healing creating more collagen and elastin. Then a toner was used and an SPF moisturiser. It only took around 30 minutes and I noticed a difference immediately. My skin looked glowing and smooth. I moisturised throughout the day to ensure optimal results and over the next two days. My results improved over the next 48 hours and my fine lines seemed to be fainter. My scar on my head even showed improvement.
I have been advised that one of these treatments per week for six week and then one a month gives great results for scars, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. I might just do that as this treatment is less invasive and more affordable than botox, fillers and chemical peels.
Havering Beauty and Hair Salon is situated at 142 Hornchurch Rd, Hornchurch RM11 1QH - 01708 472727 and offers affordable treatments with a professional or as a model for trainees.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

BYAS MOVE (iontoporesis) Eye Pen

I was recently contacted by Andy Hamilton who is a rep for BYAS MOVE.

Andy visited me with the MST (iontoporesis) eye lifter pen containing a cartridge of hyaluronic acid gel and asked me to test it for a period of 4 weeks to see results.  This pen which claims to deposit the hyaluronic acid gel deep within the skin is good for swollen, puffy eyes with fine or deeper wrinkles.

I was of course sceptical as I have in the past used more instantly effective treatments such as botox and dermal fillers, but at 40 years old I will try anything that claims to make me look younger!
The trick is, once the pen is switched on to vibrate the micro vibration to deep massage the gel into the skin, to sweep in an upwards and outwards motion around the eyes. It can also be used for lines around the lips and on the forehead.
I didn't see instant effects, but I was pleasantly surprised to see good and effective results as time went on giving my eyes a youthful and fresh look. I used the pen religiously day and night on a clean fresh face. (You can use this over make up as the gel does not leave any residue). It hasn't completely made all my lines disappear, but I have been told that with constant use there is a good chance of that happening.

The pen costs £110 and the cartridges cost £23 from Andy Hamilton

Andy also sells machines and products which promise to reduce cellulite.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa and Angelic Facial Gels

A lovely lady called Fiona Molem visited me recently to demonstrate the NuSkin range.  She used a system called ageLOC.  It is a system of Angelic Facial Gels used with a machine called Nu Skin Galvanic Spa.

The machine uses Galvanic currents, a gentle cleanser gel was used first to draw impurities from my skin, then a moisturising hyaluronic acid gel was used with the machine to encourage stimulation of collagen and elastin production naturally deep within the epidermis and locking moisture in.  Long, firm upwards and outwards strokes are required over nose to cheek, jaw line, forehead, and eye areas.  I could see a difference immediately!  Only half of my face was treated so as I could track the progress of the treatment over days as it continued to work it's magic.  (As everybody's face is not symmetrical, I chose the "worse" side of my face to even it  up a little).  My husband even noticed a difference and that is really saying something!

Fiona also showed me some very impressive before and after photos.  (She has been using the machine for years and she now looks much younger than she did in her 40's!)  There were even photos of tummies, (stretch mark and tone improvement).  I'm very impressed with these products and will be investing in them myself.  (The husband even wants a go!) 

The machine and gels are available from Fiona - here are her contact details: 07760946510

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Coco Beauty Essex (Spray Tan and Gel Nails)

A lovely lady called Claire Orme from Coco Beauty Essex visited me recently.  Claire kindly gave me a choice of 2 treatments, so I chose gel nails and spray tan.

I've had acrylics before and they ruined my nails, I've also had shellac which didn't last very long as I am a tad cack handed!  I've also had a spray tan from a trainee beautician before, but it wasn't a very deep tan as the products used in training are very different.

The nails, (I chose bright pink), looked perfect and glossy and lasted a long while, (much longer than shellac).  The tan was deep and brown, not at all orange.  I was complimented even with the base colour before I washed it off the next morning!  My husband loved it, I could get away with no make up without looking washed out and a lady at another salon told me it made me look younger and healthier.

Claire is such a lovely lady and now a friend of mine.  She is mobile at the moment, but will be opening up an uberglam salon in the near future in Harlow and she is looking to get celebrities in there too!  For now if you would like one of Claire's lovely treatments or 2 or 3, she is mobile.  Here are Claire's details:

As seen in The Havering Post

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Aromatherapy Facial at Heavenly Beauty and Tanning.

I recently visited Heavenly beauty and Tanning for a back to basics aromatherapy facial.  Maria Hayller the owner has an apprentice called Ellie Fletcher who practiced on me as a model to perfect her already perfect technique.  Ellie is doing so well at Heavenly, it's giving her great extra training and experience as well as new self confidence.

The facial was as good as the salon's name, heavenly.  I was so relaxed!  Ellie was more than capable and so well trained.  She did the consultation professionally and was very friendly and bubbly, I really enjoyed our conversations throughout.  There was of course as you would expect, cleanse, tone, steam, massage, face pack and moisturise.  I also received an hand and arm massage.  The products smelt wonderful and Ellie has just the right pressure and technique.  I really wanted to fall asleep afterwards, I was so chilled!

Ellie is doing so well training under Maria and has great things to say about her.  I believe Ellie will go far, she enjoys what she does and is so dedicated.  I would recommend to anyone to get a treatment with one of Maria's apprentices, not only will you get a lovely pamper, but you will also get a discounted treatment as it is for practice.

Heavenly Beauty Salon is based at 102 Petersfield Ave, Romford RM3 9PH - 01708 371871

As seen in The Havering Post.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Something for the kids...Thomas The Tank Engine Movie

In the summer for my daughter's birthday, I was invited to the premier of Thomas And Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure at The Odeon at Leicester Square.  It was a fun day.  Stars with their children included Stacey Solomon and Sophie Ellis Bexter.  We were just outside the Capital FM radio station.  We were given free popcorn and water and there was some entertainment via The Fat Controller for the children.  Very well catered and organised. 

The movie itself was cute and captivating and not too long, just right for little-uns.  It was lovely to see so many happy little faces.  The movie itself taught a moral of being helpful to your friends and asking for help when needed.  This cute little movie is now out on DVD and I recommend it for little-uns.


Friday, 2 October 2015

DIY Anti Ageing Treatment

I recently tried a few non invasive anti ageing treatments which actually left me looking fresh.

The first thing I tried was DIY derma roller.  You can buy derma rollers and topical hyaluronic acid to mix in with your favourite moisturisers and use after you have treated your face with the derma roller.  Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your skin and depletes with age, it plumps the skin and moisturises from underneath.  The derma roller is a small hand held roller device which you roll across your face with some pressure in one direction and then the next.  This pierces the upper epidermis and superficially damages it so that it is forced to repair itself.  The skin will then begin to produce collagen to repair the damage, this is another natural component present in the skin that depletes over time.  It is a good idea to look for creams containing collagen.  If you are afraid of pain, it is advisable to use a numbing cream before completing this step.  Then you can remove the numbing cream if you have applied and start to apply your serum of cream which will absorb more efficiently due to the damage made by the derma roller.  You skin will sting and appear sunburnt for around 20-30 minutes after the treatment.  The next day the dead skin may begin to peel, so a gentle exfoliator is recommended along with a high SPF sun screen.  If you want to speed up the peeing you can get an AHA cream, use lots of moisturiser.

This treatment can be used one a month or once every two weeks, depending on how sensitive your skin is and you can get different needle lengths on your derma rollers.  Always start small and build up.  Not only will this treatment improve the appearance of fine lines, but it will also help with blemishes and acne.

As seen in the Havering Post delivered all over Havering on Thursdays and available online e edition on Fridays.

Lashes at Heavenly Beauty and Tanning

I was invited by Maria Hayller of Heavenly Beauty and Tanning to have an eyelash treatment that I had never had before.  (I have tried individual semi permanent eyelash extension before that looked great, but ended up damaging my own eyelashes).  This is a perm and tinting treatment, enhancing what you already have.  Even the shortest lashes will look longer.

Rachel is the best at this treatment at Heavenly.  It wasn't unpleasant at all and Rachel was a lovely lady to talk to.  It only takes around 45 minutes.  I of course took before and after photos, but believe me, I didn't need them to know the difference this treatment made,  I was so thrilled at the result!  It actually made me look fresher and younger and it looks as if I have had lash extensions of I'm wearing a super duper mascara.  It made my lashes look thicker, longer and bolder and made my eyes open up and really pop.

Some clients at the salon were looking at me afterwards and wanted the same treatment.  There is no damage to your own lashes and it lasts for up to 3 months.  I totally recommend this treatment and then when you actually put on make up with mascara it really shows!

Check these links for prices and details:
Call the salon to book on 01708 371871
(Based in Harold Hill - RM3 9PH)

As seen in the Havering Post delivered all over Havering on Thursdays and available online e edition on Fridays.

Friday, 11 September 2015

It's all About Coconut Oil!

Well!  It seems that coconut oil is all the rage, so I gave it a go!  so far the results are good.  My skin is supple and my hair is glossy.

Firstly, this product can be used to rejuvenate from the inside out by consuming it.  You can buy virgin coconut oil from super markets and health stores to cook with, add to smoothies and even add to coffee.  If the taste is too overpowering for you, there are brands with a less potent flavour.  You can also get hold of coconut oil supplements from health stores and coconut water is also nutritious, along with coconut milk.  This will all help to give you more energy, supple skin, glossy hair and a more balanced nutrition.

Of course pure coconut oil can be used directly on skin and hair too.  I find it a fabulous moisturiser and like to use it a s a night cream, (I blot the excess residual oil before going to bed).  With hair, I wouldn't recommend on coloured hair.  Bleached hair can be very porous and coloured hair could be stripped of the colour.  On natural hair it can be applied half an hour or more before washing for a deep condition.  coconut oil can also be used on lips for balm and lashes and brows to encourage growth and ensure good condition.

Coconut oil can also be used to clean your teeth!  It's called "oil pulling and removes stains and bacteria without harm.  You need a teaspoon of coconut oil, (or maybe a little more).  Let it melt in you mouth and swish for 20 minutes or more.  Spit into the toilet, (not the sink as it will contain bacteria), then rinse with warm salt water and brush thoroughly as usual.  It's simple, effective and a good night routine before bed.

As coconut oil is all natural it can do no harm, just good and I highly recommend it!

As featured in The Havering Post 09/09/2015