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Friday, 29 January 2016

Full Body Wraps at Havering Beauty Academy and Salon in Hornchurch.

I have never tried body wraps before so I thought I'd give it a go at Havering Beauty Academy in Hornchurch.  This is an all over body wrap and the whole process takes around two hours.  It's advisable to drink plenty of water and use the loo before being all wrapped up.  Firstly the skin is brushed and exfolited and then body butter is used that has all natural ingredients.  After that I was loosely wrapped in cling film and then with a tighter outer wrapping of cling film all over.  I must admit that I did look hilarious and a dark comedy called Nighty, Night by Julia Davies which was set in a beauty salon sprang to mind!  I was then helped up onto the salon bed to lie down and was covered with a foil blanket followed by another blanket to keep all the heat in.  The room was also heated well and very warm.  I lay in the low lit warm room for around 45 minutes to an hour and actually fell asleep a couple of times as I was very relaxed.  I was checked on twice whilst I lay in my haze of warmth.

I was told the science bit behind the combination of the body butter with the wrap and the heat.  The heat enabled the pores to open up and absorb the ingredients in the body butter which are designed to shrink fat cells by drawing out toxins and excess liquid.  This treatment takes inches off, banishes water retention, helps to minimise the appearance of stretch marks by conditioning the skin and reduces cellulite.

At the beginning of the treatment I was measured and then again at the end.  Before and after photos were also taken so as I could compare for my own eyes.  When I was unwrapped and unravelled I was relieved to have some air to my skin.  My skin appeared shiny, glowing and felt so soft and smooth.  I was told to refrain from showering ect for 24 hours and keep the body butter on for that length of time to continue doing it's work.  When I had my final measurements I found out that I'd lost 7 and a half inches and was told that I would continue to lose inches over the next 24 hours!  I was impressed with the difference in the before and after photos too.  I looked firmer all over.  Most of my inch loss was from aound my tummy area which was the desired effect.

A one off treatment of the NSL wrap costs £49 and it is £129 for 3.  A course of 6 is recommended to get optimum results which is priced at £245.  There is an offer on at the moment : 3 for £100 until the end of January 2016.

When I asked which was the best result ever achieved from this treatment so far at Havering beauty academy I was told a whopping 16 inches just from one treatment!  Impressive!

Of course if you are a therapist that would like a course on NSL wraps, salon owner Katie Newman is a qualified tutor and offers a course for £150 plus the kit.

I recommend this treatment if you have a special occasion and you want to fit into "that dress", if your going on holiday and want to look your best or simply if you want to tone up quickly and easily.

Here is a video that helps you to understand more about NSL balm.... and the website for NSL.... which is endorsed by Rylan Clarke-Neal.

To book your treatment call :
01708 472727
142 Hornchurch Rd, Hornchurch RM11 1QH
(Offers on Facebook and Twitter).

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Professional Lips Fillers By Dr Giorgia Ratta

I haven't had lip filler for around three years now and the last time I had it done was in training with KT Training.  This time I decided to go professional with Dr Giorgia Ratta Cosmetic Clinic in Ealing.

First of all we had a long chat about expectations, medical history and Dr Giorgia's credentials whilst I completed the forms for my records.  Dr Giorgia made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with her professional and friendly manner.  My lips were first numbed with anaesthetic cream and then she went to work with the needle using Perfectha hyaluronic acid filler.  This is a new dermal filler on the market, it has a more silky natural feel and lasts longer.  (The last filler I had was used was Juvederm which was a bit hard and my husband told me it was "like kissing a lump of rubber"!) 

Of course it hurt, but it didn't take long and was well worth the results.  Dr Giorgia's philosophy on aesthetics is to keep it natural and enhance what's already there without going over the top.  She is very ethical.  I had some filler in the top of my lip, avoiding the corners and a little in the middle of my bottom lip.  (Filler in my vermillion boarder wasn't necessary as I had already had SPMU liner).  I also had a little outside of my lips at the corners to turn the sagging corners up.  The result was natural, firm, even,  plumper lips with the corners turned up to give a youthful appearance.  It was a little swollen, but not too much, (arnica tablets and a little arnica cream took care of this quickly).  The proof was in the pudding with my lips as when my husband kissed me he liked the feel!

Dr Giorgia Ratta is an experienced dentist and has studied anatomy in detail.  She trained with KT Training in Harley Street.  her clinic offers all manner of cosmetic treatments from botox and fillers to machine facials and the Sillhouette Soft, (an implant in the jaw and cheek which stimulates collagen and melts over time which is also accompanied by two lifting stitches of the same nature).  This is one which I am excited to try in the new year as it will take years off me!

I highly recommend Dr Giorgia Ratta for her ethical professionalism and excellent results.

(Website for Perfecta )

Contact details.
151 South Ealing Rd, London W5 4QP
020 3490 6767

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Forever Living Products.

I was recently sent a few samples from the Forever Living Range.

Cleansers, moisturisers, hair care, toothpaste, you name it!

The best features of these products were the Aloe Propolis Cream and the Forever Bright tooth gel in my opinion. 

Aloe Propolis Cream a rich creamy blend of Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis extract.  It promises to enrich, and soothe your skin, and is useful for many skin ailments.  I have had good reports about the calming of eczema with this cream, personally I found it really good as a night cream for fine lines, dry skin and wrinkles.  It smells and feels heavenly and it is also non greasy despite it's richness.  Propolis is the glue taken from tree buds by bees which is used to fill crevices and varnish honeycombs in  the hives.  The propolis is collected when smoking out the bees, no bees are harmed in the process.  Propolis is also clinically proven to be beneficial for burns and burn scars. 

One product that I also found useful was the MSM Aloe Gel, added to water it was a good burn aid.  MSM is also used for acne.  (The company has farmed their own  aloe Vera since 1978 and bees that makes the products.  The MSM comes with a 60 days money back guarantee).

The Forever Bright Tooth Gel's key ingredients are Propolis and Aloe Vera.  This non fluoride formula helps protect teeth and gums whilst fighting plaque.  There are no bleaching agents, it is quite a natural tooth gel which is comforting when you read the chemical ingredients present in every day domestic toothpastes.  I found the tooth gel to taste very pleasant, whilst effective and it really did make my mouth feel clean.  this tooth gel is also safe for children to use.

Contact Christine Thurston on 07539 006088
Also contact Liam Frazer on 07502 992151
To order Forever Living products.

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Friday, 1 January 2016

Chin Lipo, Collagen Wave Facial and tummy Ultrasonic Cavitation at Cool Contours Windsor

I travelled to Cool Contours in Windsor recently and it was well worth the travel!  Owner Lucia Ferrazzano booked me in for an afternoon of treatments which were, Chin Lipo. Collagen Wave Facial and Ultrasonic Cavitation.  Elaine and Heather were my therapists for the afternoon, friendly and funny ladies.  Made the time pass really quickly.
Here is "the science bit" for Ultrasonic Cavitation:
Cavitation is non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal with zero down time!   It is a method of non surgical liposuction. which destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. When the fat cells are destroyed, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are turned into protein and then changed to free fatty acids and glycerol.  Free fatty acids are moved to the liver where they decay and are removed from the body while glycerol is used as energy. There are immediate results which will continue to be evident via fat reduction for up to 72 hours following this treatment. The most common problem areas (as we all know) are; buttocks, abdomen, love handles, male chest, upper arms, inner thighs and the chin area. It is especially effective in the removal of cellulite. This is a great treatment to contour the body.  It is recommended that you have at least 4-8 session to see a more noticeable result.  I of course opted for my abdomen area as I have a "mummy tummy"!  I had a 50 minute treatment on my entire abdomen and lost in all 15.8 inches from the whole area!  I was very happy with the immediate result and my tummy continued to decrease over the next few days after the treatment. 

Here is "the science bit" for Chin Lipo and Collagen Wave Facial:
These treatments are a combination of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency which is similar to Ultrasonic Cavitation.  These treatments help reduce unwanted double chins and excess skin.  The Ultrasound destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. This destroys  the fat cells, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are turned into protein and then changed to free fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids are moved to the liver where they decay and are removed from the body while glycerol is used as energy, (same as the above treatment).   Radio Frequency Tightening is then used to target the deeper layers of skin, heating them up, stimulating the skin and collagen, (which gives elasticity to the skin).  Water molecules in the deeper layers of skin vibrate. This creates friction, which causes the heating effect. When heat is applied to collagen fibres, they shrink and tighten up.  After the treatment, new collagen will form over time.  (During this treatment the top layers of the skin are kept cool and safe with a cooling gel).
This treatment is suitable for people of any age.  After your treatment the skin will contour more to the chin as it has been tightened and it will also become rejuvenated, being younger and fresher in appearance.  This is all true!  I saw an immediate result! my face was less puffy and smaller, my chin and neck size had decreased and my fine lies were all gone, the slightly deeper ones were less prominent and my face looked fresher and younger overall.  The next day the results were even more pronounced which was very pleasing indeed!

Same prices for Chin Lipo, Collagen Wave Facial and Ultrasonic Cavitation:
  • One Treatment – £75
  • Course of 8 Sessions – £525

    Cool Contours also offer Fat Freezing, HIFU Full Face and Neck Lift, Dermaroller and Diamond Microdermabrasion along with traditional salon treatments.

    Here are some contact details for Cool Contours:

    Cool Contours, 278 Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4JR -  01753 857889  - 07747 036303

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    Tuesday, 29 December 2015

    IPL Skin Revuvination at Purple Valentine in Romford

    I went to one of my local salons last week in the Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford - Purple Valentine.

    The salon is very looks space age and is very trendy offering all the latest aesthetic treatments on the market as well as standard treatments such as nails ect for walk ins.  I was extremely impressed.

    There were so many treatments to choose from.  Skin wise there's peels, radiofrequency tightening, rejuvenation, prescription facial....the list is endless.  There are also body sculpting treatments, SPMU, botox, fillers, you name it Natasha Wooton has it all under one roof!  Natasha has many years experience and is more than qualified in the beauty and aesthetics trade.  Everything at Purple Valentine is pharmaceutically and clinically proven to work and is tailored to the client's needs.

    I opted for a simple but effective treatment called IPL skin rejuvenation.  This involves intense pulsed light systems which release precisely controlled strong pulses of filtered light that stimulate the fibroblast cells within the skin that produce collagen and elastin. This improves the irradiancy and tightness of the skin, controlling enlarged pores, and giving a more uniform complexion.  This works on the surface of the skin and is good for an age group of 20s-30s.  For older skin a course of this treatment can be combined with radiofrequency skin tightening which will target the deeper layers of the skin.  Something I will soon be writing about as I am currently on a course of this in a lovely little clinic in Brentwood).

    The treatment was just a little uncomfortable, not painful.  It made me jump more than anything as the light each time was like a tiny shock.  It only took 10-15 minutes.  I noticed an immediate result and this continued to improve all the next day and the day after that.  My skin looked clearer, pinker, plumper and firmer.  I was very happy with the result and it felt softer and firmer too.  It is important to always use good sun protection after such a treatment and avoid steam rooms, swimming ect for 48 hours to avoid any damage to the skin.

    I will be returning to Purple Valentine in the future to treat myself and definitely recommending to friends.  The location is really handy for the busy mum and the treatment list is very tempting.  All the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional and bookings are easily made with no waiting time.
    01708 750989

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    Friday, 18 December 2015

    Fabulous Facial and Massage at Hair Body & Soul Elm Park

    I was offered a massage and facial from Nikki at Hair Body and Soul in Elm Park just at the right time recently.  I have a back problem on my left side and I've been overcompensating on my right side due to this and have ended up with right side shoulder pain.  I was really looking forward to this.

    Hair Body And Soul is a nice little salon located near the train station in Elm Park and offers many treatments including; nails, brows, lashes, waxing, holistic and all trends of hair.   They also offer great packages, it is unisex and children are welcome.  A lovely young girl called Sapphire welcomed me in and made me comfortable.  Sapphire trained at Halls Of Ivy in South Street Romford whom are always looking for models to practice their training on.  (I've been there many times and I've never been disappointed).

    First Sapphire gave me my relaxing facial which was heaven and nearly sent me  to sleep!  My skin was so soft afterwards and the facial massage really helped with my tension headaches and sinus problems.  Then the full back and shoulder massage.  This lasted for around 45 minutes and the pressure was just right.  The whole time Sapphire asked if I was ok and comfortable.  As I mentioned I was having back and shoulder problems, my shoulder was actually popping with knots, so the relief was very welcome.  It's a very relaxing atmosphere and all of the staff are lovely at Hair Body and Soul so I recommend a visit.

    There is a trained hairdresser for cuts, colours and the latest trends.  They are also looking into extending into SPMU which is very popular at the moment.   Hair, Body and Soul offer; spray tans, nails, lashes, waxing and have some great value package treats.  Women, men and children are all welcome.
    Tadworth Parade, Hornchurch RM12 5AS
    01708 454269

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    Friday, 11 December 2015

    Make Up tips, Products and My Favourite MUA's

    This week's article is on make up.  I don't wear make up unless I am going somewhere really special so getting it right is very important to me.  I've tried many brands and variations.  Here are my favourites.

    MUA Pro-Base from Superdrug do a great range for coverage, I like their creamy Argan Flush Concealer available in many shades which is particularly good for under eye dark circles.  It also delivers moisture for fine lines. MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal has a palette of colours which can be finger applied to hide imperfections and redness, it blends really  well.  I also use the MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer to keep eye shadow in place and long lasting.

    The next brand I really like is Fresh Minerals which I found at Cool Contours Clinic in Windsor when I was having some treatments and couldn't resist buying as they had a sale.  Fresh Minerals boasts organic and natural ingredients.  As my skin is oily, I use the mineral powder foundation with a good brush.  There is also a liquid base foundation.  There are a few shades to choose from.  It's lightweight on the skin and you can't feel that heavy "cakey" feeling, it looks so natural and give the skin a healthy looking glow.  This make up is good for the pores allowing the skin to breathe and also the mineral content in a good skin conditioner. 

    I was recently sent a contour sculpt and slim kit from Daniel Sandler and I must say I love it!  It has a dark shade for pushing back the features you want to hide and a highlighter to push forward the features you want to shine.  For example; blend dark shadow below the cheekbones to sink that part back and highlight the top of the cheekbone to bring that part forward giving you exaggerated cheekbones.  This is a long lasting product with good ingredients which comes in a classy compact with a mirror and free good quality brush.   Daniel Sandler make up artist to the stars' range is known to have won many awards. ( )

    I also use Fresh Minerals for eye shadow, again there are many colours to choose from, but as I am a brunette I stick to neutrals and earthy browns.  The eye shadow doesn't tend to sit in the creases around the eyes as it is of mineral content which is good for "older" eyes.  Also for "hooded" eyes, give the illusion of a higher crease by taking a darker shade and making a crease higher above your natural crease and finish with a highlighting shade just on the brow bone.  (I use brushes to blend from the Sue Moxley range - she has an excellent brush kit in her range.  Sue Moxley is an ex-model and beauty expert/writer from Essex and part of a singing duo with her husband David Van Day from 80's band's Dollar and Bucks Fizz).  Sue sent me her range a while back and I am really impressed.  (  )

    I like to use a liquid liner on my top eye lids close to my lash line and for this I use long lasting and water proof 2True black from Superdrug.  If I want a smoky effect I will smudge it and go over with a sharper line.  Then I use a white soft eyeliner on my water line to make my eyes look bigger and sweep a small line of dark eye shadow below my bottom lash line from outer corner to middle keeping the line soft.  For a more dramatic effect in the evening I will use a dark grey soft eyeliner on my lower lash line and a black pencil liner inside my upper lash line.  (Any good quality liner will do).

    After curling my top lashes I use Younique Fibre Lash Mascara rather than false lashes as it's easier, quicker and gives a softer, more natural effect.  This consists of a black base gel for the fibres to stick to and a fibre top coat in two separate tubes with brushes.  Don't go too crazy with the fibres as they will drop onto your cheeks if you apply too much!  This was send to me by Gemma Graham from GG Hair Extension Supplies in Plymouth  to trial.  ( 01752 564639).  As I find false eyelashes fiddly, awkward and too fake looking, I absolutely love this mascara!

    My brows are tattooed on, so I don't need to work hard on them. I like to use a bit of powder from the Perfect Brow Compact from Avon.  This has a wax and a powder with a double ended brush to apply.  I've got friends who have used this product and like the finished effect too.

    For blush, again I go back to the Fresh Minerals range in a neutral peachy tone to give my cheeks a natural and healthy glow, it's not too heavy.  Then I use the same range for either lip stick or gloss depending on the occasion in the same sort of shade.  (Normally I use a lip liner, but as my lips are lined and blushed with SPMU-tattooed on make up, there isn't always a need for this.

    To finish I use Fresh Minerals loose translucent powder.  (You can also get Mineral Powder Foundation and Loose Powder from Avon.  I have tried both, but I prefer the Fresh Minerals range).

    And there you have it!  My guide to make up.  My advice on application is practice makes perfect and looking up make up tutorials on You Tube really helps.  (Two of my favourite make up artists are Donna Bull and NJ Wells of Lipstick Vixens , both are on my Facebook). 

    Remember to blend well and use foundation/powder on neck and chest as well as face so as you don't leave a make up line around the jaw.  Always choose colours which will bring out your natural features and will match your hair colour and skin tone to look naturally beautiful.

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    Friday, 4 December 2015

    Hair Saver at L'Aroush Hair and Beauty Salon in Chadwell Heath

    I had a total disaster with hair extensions recently, using a mobile hair extension technician!  So when they all finally came out I opted for a hair treatment at L'Aroush Hair and Beauty in Chadwell Heath, when I was asked by Munaza which treatment I would likeI was surprise that Laroush provides so many different treatments such as; keratin treatments, perms, cut, colours, threading, waxing, lashes, nails, brows, facials, massages and make up.  All the staff are lovely & very attentive.  (The 86 bus stops on the doorstep of the salon).
    My hairdresser was Zubaida and she was very friendly and professional.  Zubaida qualified at Redbridge College in hair and is currently training in beauty.  She was pretty shocked about what I told her about my experience I had getting my extensions done & removed, which came out the day before, she could see that my scalp was very red and sore.  As the original lady had literally pulled the extensions out before even removing the glue, (and this really hurt by the way-I wasn't expecting this), some of my hair had come out with it and broken so I was left with quite thin hair and my hair is already fine.  As a beauty writer and blogger and as hair is such an important attribute to a woman you will appreciate how upset I was about this.  We had no choice but to opt for a bob, so se went for an angled one, but first Zubaida revamped and rescued the hair I had left with a colour.  She used foils, bleach and a very low peroxide to lift my hair with highlights taking extra care not to damage or break my hair further than it had already been.  When the highlights were completed she then went to work with three colours to tone down the highlights as I like to be brunette.  I really like the subtle difference in colour, hair cut design and the break up of hair to give the illusion of more body.  Zubaida then expertly cut my hair after a blow dry, the result was amazing.  A total revamp!  My husband and friends were very impressed.  I am so happy that my hair looks tidy and sleek now as the quality of the hair in the extensions was very bad, all the bonds were soft and showing making me look awful, it was embarrassing.  Thank you so much L'Aroush for saving my hair!
    I have already have a couple of friends and family members booked for hair and beauty consultations so please feel free to pop in or call.
    28 High Street
    RM6 6PR

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    Friday, 27 November 2015

    Semi Permanent Make Up Lips at last! With Ruth Kane of Essex

    I finally plucked up the courage to have SPMU lips again!  The reason for not having them for such a long while was that it hurts, it's uncomfortable and if mistakes are made in training they are painful and lengthy to rectify.

    I decided to go to a reputable professional in Essex called Ruth Kane who has years of experience under her belt.  I felt very confident in Ruth as I met her when I had my eyebrows done in training. 

    Ruth works from her lovely home in Hornchurch, she also teaches at Havering Beauty Academy in Hornchurch and her daughter Elizabeth Kane practices SPMU make up from Havering Beauty Academy.   Like mother, like daughter: you only have to look at Elizabeth's work on her Facebook page to see it's as exemplarily like her mother's  ( Ruth also practices in medical SPMU such as scar coverage and areola reconstruction.

    Ruth made me very comfortable and at ease, she is a friendly and lovely lady.  I have always chosen a rosy pretty pink colour in the past, but I decided to chose a peachy pretty pink this time, (not unlike the colour of lipstick Natasha Hamilton choses to wear).

    After we agreed on a peachy pink colour to match my skin tone, Ruth got to work and in no time I was all done!  She is such a pro!  The anaesthetic cream she uses works well, so it didn't hurt too much.  We decided on liner just outside the lip line and blush (not outside vermillion boarder).  The process was done twice to really get the colour in and then Ruth patted some of the colour onto my lips and blotted it in before applying a protective film of vaseline so as the pigment soaked into my open skin on my lips on the way home.  (I have never had this done before, it ensures a bolder, stronger colour once the healing process is finished).  Ruth booked a follow up appointment for 6 weeks time to check her work and go over it to make it last and fill any gaps that may have occurred during the healing.

    Such a thorough and professional approach to SPMU, Ruth certainly takes pride in her work!  I have been to different SPMU companies in the past and I can say that Ruth is definitely one I can whole heartedly recommend.
    07974 754410

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    Sunday, 22 November 2015

    Microdermabrasion at Havering Beauty Academy and Salon in Hornchurch

    Katie Newman owner of Havering Beauty and Hair Salon invited me for a treatment review. I chose microdermabrasion as I have never tried this treatment before.
    This treatment helps with; fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne and acne scarring, blemishes, patches, age spots, pigmentation irregularities and stretch marks.
    It was relaxing and didn't hurt a bit, also the technician was really friendly and chatty. The treatment itself involved the skin on my face being blasted with microcrystals with a blow/suction machine after cleansing. The resurfacing of my skin with the microcrystals ensured that my skin was kick started into healing creating more collagen and elastin. Then a toner was used and an SPF moisturiser. It only took around 30 minutes and I noticed a difference immediately. My skin looked glowing and smooth. I moisturised throughout the day to ensure optimal results and over the next two days. My results improved over the next 48 hours and my fine lines seemed to be fainter. My scar on my head even showed improvement.
    I have been advised that one of these treatments per week for six week and then one a month gives great results for scars, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. I might just do that as this treatment is less invasive and more affordable than botox, fillers and chemical peels.
    Havering Beauty and Hair Salon is situated at 142 Hornchurch Rd, Hornchurch RM11 1QH - 01708 472727 and offers affordable treatments with a professional or as a model for trainees.