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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Red Carpet Peel with Kim Jay Skin Specialist Essex

Kim Jay is a Freelance Skin Specialist with over 25 years experience offering Dermapen, Mesopherapy, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Facials, Make up & Billion Dollar Brows.  Kim offers her treatments at Heavenly Salon in Harold Hill Essex, which how I met her through the salon owner Maria Hayller.

The Dermapen facials address skin problems and conditions such as, acne, pigmentation, ageing skin, sagging skin, dry skin, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, depending on what matrix of ingredients in the serum is used.  The facials can be tailored to your skin's needs and the action of the slight trauma caused by the Dermapen will ensure that the serum gets to the deeper layers of the skin.  The trauma will also kick start the skin fibroblasts into action, creating collagen in the skin and improving elasticity.

The serum matrix used for my Red Carpet Facial was Matryxl 3000 with a cocktail of peptides and Argrieline to reduce wrinkles, tighten  and remodel skin.  The Argrieline actually lessens muscle contraction which causes wrinkles.  First my skin was cleansed and then Kim went to work with the Dermapen and the serum.  It was a quick and painless procedure and no numbing cream was required.  Then a 40% Mandelic Acid peel was applied whilst the skins channels were open to receive the active infusion that is suitable to also treat acne and pigmentation.  This is good for me as I have oily skin, but the Mandelic peel will not cause excessive peeling of the skin before an event.  The peel was left for 3 minutes, which gave a tingling sensation and then neutralised with a wow mask which is a serum containing various peptides and Argrieline infused on a gel matrix in 2 parts.  This gel matrix works with the temperature of the skin and sends the serum deeper into the layers of the skin.  The mask is a treatment in itself and can be used at home in between treatments for optimum results.  Whilst I was wearing the wow mask, wow eye masks were also used to reduce puffiness around my eyes and dark circles.  These wow eyes can also be used at home in between treatments and can be stored in the fridge and used up to 7 times.  The mask can be used for 20-40 minutes and then after relaxing Kim removed the mask and left the magic serum on to do it's work.  Then she applied aftercare balm and sunscreen, finishing with a spray of Profidelux containing succinic acid to protect the skin for outside pollutants.  I could immediately see the difference in my skin straight after my Red Carpet Facial.  My skin was plumped, hydrated and noticeably more smoother and radiant, pores were reduced and also fine lines around my eyes were reduced as well as my dark circles.

Aftercare for this facial is easy, simply leave the skin alone for the rest of the day and the evening and then wash in the morning with a gentle face wash and tepid water.   Apply a good moisturiser and sunscreen and a Daily Delux spray if you have one.  The next evening I had an event and everyone commented on how good my skin looked and how youthful I was looking.  I didn't even have to wear much make up!  (If you must wear make up after this facial, mineral make up is recommended as it treats your skin and doesn't clog your pores).  For best results a course of 3-6 treatments are recommended.  This facial will optimise skin health and support any other treatments you may be having.  It is very important to look after your skin health to prevent skin conditions and ageing skin.

Dermapen has been voted best skin Rejuvernation device in the aesthetic industry.  Prices start from £175 for Dermapen skin needling. The peel range Kim uses is Ameson chemical peels.  This skin peel range is customised to treat all skin concerns.  It is a non-invasive treatment containing pure non buffered organic acids which help to remove damaged outer layers of the skin, soften fine lines and rejuvenate.  The skincare range of products Kim uses are by 'Juliet Armand', which are parabens free, propylene glycol free, mineral oil free and allergen free.  The needling serums are from Natura and there are different infusions for different skin needs.  The Wow mask,Wow eyes an Profidelux Spray are from Hyalual who supply to salons and clinics.  These masks can be purchased from Kim for home use in between her treatments to optimise your results.
102 Petersfield Avenue - RM3 9PH

Kim also freelances at Rebecca Morris Brows & Beauty, 2A High St, Brentwood CM14 4AB.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wow Mask by Hyalual UK

I recently discovered the Wow Mask when visiting Hyalual UK for a treatment called Redermalization for my hormonal skin.  I have tried many masks and I can honestly say this one is the best!  Where most masks are a cotton sheet soaked in serum, this is a gel matrix that warms to the skin and works with the skin to let the deeper layers absorb the ingredients in the serum.  The mask is easy to use and not too time consuming as you can get on with whatever you're doing whilst wearing it once it settles.  My skin has become smooth and soft again after the redermalization treatment and the masks help me to maintain that.  My husband is even a fan!   I have even given a few samples out to professionals and they are all very impressed!

Wow Mask is a home treatment which can be used once a week for optimal results.  WOW can be used 12-24 hours before a big event for perfect looking skin and the effects can be felt for up to 7 days.  Clinical trials have proven up to 7 days hydration after just 1 use.  This home treatment is perfect for busy people as once the mask has had a few minutes to settle, you can get on with you work whilst wearing it for up to 40 minutes.

The mask is a carefully formulated serum soaking a gel matrix which comes in 2 pieces to fit any size face.   (Which is good for me as I have a small face!)  The gel matrix mask is activated by the warmth of your skin allowing the anti-aging ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers.

There are many positive effects that wow ingredients have on the skin; Deeply moisturises the skin, smooths the skin texture, improves skin elasticity and tone, reduces dynamic and deep wrinkles, protects cells from UV damage, brightens the skin, minimises visible pores, cures skin blemishes and provides a lifting effect.

(Information taken from the Hyalual UK/Wow Mask website on ingredients and how they work on your skin) -
Peptide Argireline:
A sophisticated peptide that inhibits muscle contraction to give you that much desired firming effect so your skin may return to its youthful self. It also reduces dynamic and deep wrinkles as well as prevents new ones from forming.

Collagen Matrix:
Enriched with peptides and vegetable cell extract, our age-defying firming collagen matrix delivers intense hydration, visibly reduces pore sizes, wrinkles and skin imperfections so you may feel and look refreshed and beautiful.

RMPC Complex:
A cocktail of nature’s finest skin loving plants – Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricarina) Flower Extract and of Portulaca Oleracea Extract.

Wow luxury collagen facial mask treatment is where beauty becomes science and can be easily slipped into your home skincare routine. 

Directions :
Wash and dry your face with a kind facial wash.
Once the mask is out of the silver sleeve, remove both of the plastic sheets.
Place it on your face – it’s will be slippery at the start so give it 5-10 minutes to settle.
Leave it on for 20-40 mins (the longer, the better).
Remove the mask gently and admire you skin!
Individuals can buy these masks on Amazon for personal use, however if you are a clinic or salon please get in touch with me either via email, Facebook or Twitter and I can get samples and orders placed.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Beaute Pacifique Skincare - Beauty Meets Science

I recently had a skin problem due to a hormonal surge after having my Mirena Coil removed.  I ended up with acne around my mouth and chin.  I never thought i would be suffering acne in my early forties.  My skin was behaving like a teenager again!  After putting a post up about it on Facebook a very kind lady called Shirley Nicol from Beaute Pacifique sent me some very generous and gorgeous samples.  Cleansing foam for deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliator containing rounded pearls to loosen dead skin cells and hydrate skin with lubrication, oil free moisturiser and defy damage skin repair lotion, instant hydrating mask and super3 vitamin A anti-wrinkle booster.  The creams are specifically patented to penetrate all layers of the skin right down to the basal layer.  Beaute Pacifique is a Danish skin company who's sister company Cortex Technology develops advanced medical instrumentation for skin diagnostics and treatment.  Thus the Beaute Pacifique skincare range is tailored for specific skin conditions.  Ultrasound evidence has been used to track the results of these products on skin of people of all ages and skin types.  The evidence speaks for itself.  The skin is restored and new collagen is increased, thus increasing elastin.

My favourites from this range are the cleansing foam and the vitamin A booster.  The cleanser efficiently deep cleansed my clogged pores whilst not drying out my skin, leaving it feeling silky.  The vitamin A booster contains two forms of vitamin A each uniquely rejuvenating the skin's collagen and elastin.  This cream repairs sun damage, makes skin less transparent, visably reduces wrinkles and fine lines and reduces stretch marks.  Used on the back of hands, this cream can be used to rejuvenate thin and wrinkled skin, it also is good for dry, brittle nails.  It also reduces excess sebum secretion on acne prone skin and propolis to treat impurities in the skin.

I have been using the wash morning and night and the vitamin A booster every evening.  My complextion is now visably clear and I have had many compliments on my skin recently.  This combination of Beaute Pacifique skin treatments has completely cleared my acne and restored my confidence in my skin.  My skin is now glowing and youthful as well as clear.  I cannot praise this skincare range enough.  I have visited the website and there are many glowing testimonials from doctors and clinics.  But the proof for me is in the results it has given me.    Highly recommended, it works!
0845 519 6145

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dr Giorgia Ratta - Party Package - Harley Street

As Dr Giorgia Ratta is having a Christmas Aesthetics party this Thursday, I visited her for a part package to make my skin plump and hydrated, give me a party pout and smooth my fine lines and wrinkles.

Giorgia uses the Sesderma UK skin range.  I have tried all the samples in this range and really love them.  So natural, they smell good, contain no parabens and really go to work on your skin with the nanopore technology.  Giorgia's trademark skin treatment is the Sesderma Signature Facial which involves; clean and prep skin with Sensyses Liposomed Cleanser and Degreasing Solution, 2 peels -  1 layer of SALIPEEL with salicylic acid and 2layers of DNA REPAIR PEEL with ferulac  acidpeel and then a nanopore needling facial.  The peels addressed dead skin cells to get the turnover of new skin cells started.  A carrier serum is used with a cocktail of MESO CIT RU serum with NANO MESO Solutions with 0.2ml of TGF Growth Factor and .2ml of EVEN SKIN TONE to target skin laxity, pigmentation and skin inflammation with the Nanopore Stylus containing 10 Needles.  After the needling DNA RECOVERY PEEL Cream and RETISES NANOPEEL 1% Retinol is applied to seal.  This process does not hurt at all.  No pain, thus no numbing cream required.  My skin felt so clean, soft and plump afterwards and I had a little redness which was gone by the morning.  As expected, I had some slight peeling in the days afterwards, revealing new revitalised skin.

Next Giorgia used a filler called Intraline was used on my lips.  (There is also a men's range of this filler).  All that was needed was a top up as both Giorgia and I are fans of the natural look.  Some in my vermillion boarder and cupid bow of my top lip and some in the body of my top lip and then just a touch in the middle of the bottom lip.  Giorgia expertly massaged and moulded.  This gave me an immediate natural pout which I loved, even before the swelling went down.  I have been seeing Giorgia for my lips for around 1 year now and have only needed 2.5ml of fillers injected across several appointments to diminish the stress to delicate oral tissue as the lips have been enhanced gradually to achieve the final natural result.

And lastly botox!  3 areas, eyes and forehead to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and frown lines giving me a slight brow lift.  Giorgia is a gentle injector and is very calming, so none of this was traumatic.

Dr Giorgia Ratta is based at No 10 Harley Street and offers an in depth consultation as part or her treatment service and impeccable aftercare follow up appointments.

Dr Giorgia Ratta Cosmetic Clinic
10 Harley Street

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Rederm UK - Redermalization by Iryna Stewart (Skin Care)

Steven Smith introduced me to Dr Iryna Stewart MD of Rederm UK in London using Hyalual anti-ageing products.  Iryna is a qualified Doctor in the Ukraine.  After an in depth consultation and assessment of my skin, Iryna recommended Redermalization.  (My skin is hormonal at the moment and annoyingly behaving like a 16 year old with regular break outs, enlarged pores and excess sebum!)

Xela Rederm is the product used for redermalization.  It is a combination of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid.  The succinic acid cleanses the skin deep down and enriches it with minerals and oxygen, detoxifying and promoting regeneration, strengthening of tissue and tightens the skin.  As we all know hyaluronic acid promotes moisture, attracts water, plumps, smoothes and hydrates.  This product is injected under the skin at the first session and around the eyes.  The second and third session requires a less invasive procedure with a mesogun, but around the eyes are still injected as the skin is thinner around the eyes.  It is recommended that the treatments are carried out 2 weeks apart, first the injections and then 2 treatments of the mesogun for the full effect and then regular top ups throughout the year to maintain.

Numbing cream was used for my first session to avoid any discomfort.  Iryna is an expert and gentle injector, so there was no pain.  Redness and bumpiness under the skin is present as the product goes to work, but nothing too major and is gone after a few hours.  The deep cleansing succinic acid promotes clearer skin and less prominent pores and the hyaluronic acid helps  with fine lines and wrinkles around my lip area and eyes, also helping to reduce dark circles and thicken the skin.  This also kicks the fibroblasts into action under the skin to produce more of it's own collagen, giving a good overall lifting and firming results over time.

After the treatment was finished; Hyaual daily defence spray was used containing both the ingredients the injections do and than a lovely cooling WOW Collagen mask for 20 minutes.  The WOW mask comes in two pieces to fit any size face and it's ingredients are; Peptide Argireline, Collagen Matrix and RMPC Complex.  The Peptide inhibits muscle contraction and helps to inhibit and reduce wrinkles.  The Collagen visibly reduces pores and wrinkles.  The RMPC are plant extracts which stimulate the skin cells to promote renewal.  This mask works over 12 hours after removal and results can last up to 7 days.  It can be used after a treatment or on it's own as a treatment.  Ideal for busy mums with no time for themselves.  You can leave the mask on for 20-40 minutes, the longer the better and it needs 5 minutes to settle as it is slippery at the beginning.  The WOW mask promises to moisturise, firm and smooth the skin, clear blemishes, reduce pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin by improving skin elasticity.  I have tried many masks on the market and I must say that I am very impressed by this product.

Iryna kindly gave me a mask and the spray to take home with me in between treatments and I promised to come back in 2 weeks to see her and Andrew Hansford for the follow up treatment.  My skin seems tighter since the treatment, but as it is hormonal and irritatingly spotty in places I need to get my follow up treatments to address this problem.  I returned diligently to Andrew Hansford for the mesogun treatment after 2 weeks.  It didn't hurt a bit and addressed all my skin problems, leaving my skin clearer, tighter, smoother and softer.

Iryna trains Doctors for the injectable redermalization treatment and Andrew trains qualified aesthetic practitioners for the mesogun redermalization treatment.

There is an extensive and impressive product range in Hyalual uk and is available from Rederm UK for clinics to use and stock including injectable products, daily care and post procedure care and of course the famous WOW Mask!  There is also a Wow Eyes mask available.  The company prides itself on friendly professionalism and good service when providing products and training to clinics and aesthetic professionals.

To contact Iryna Stewart and her team for training or products please contact the website;  Her UK clinic is based in London Victoria.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

MESO Vytal Boost Concept Facial with Ruth Kane Essex

Ruth Kane who now does all of my Semi Permanent Make Up invited me to her treatment room in Hornchurch to have a MESO Vytal Boost Concept Facial.  This type of mesotherapy facial is good for; acne, scarring, acne scars, enlarged and open pores, fine lines, wrinkles and loose, sagging skin.

Ruth uses and attachment with 18 plastic needles on her tattoo gun for this facial.  The reason the needles are made from plastic is that you need to be medically qualified to use real needles on the face and Ruth is very responsible,  although she is fully trained in medical tattooing the metal needles require for this procedure are not available yet in this country. No numbing cream is needed for this procedure as it is not at all painful.  (Which is a positive as numbing cream contains chemicals which shouldn't be pushed into your dermis).  Whilst needling, Ruth uses a hyaluronic acid serum and pushes this moisture replenishing serum deep into the skin with the needles.  Another serum in also available for younger skins with delivers nutrients and vitamins into the skin during the procedure.

Firstly, Ruth used an AHA skin peel to get the process started and took this off after a couple of minutes.  I didn't feel any pain or discomfort.  Then Ruth started to get to work with the needles.  Firstly the forehead, then each side of my face, my nose and chin and around my mouth.  Whilst slightly stretching the skin, she worked the needle upwards.  She even went over my lips and right up under my eyes and on my eyelids whilst reducing the pressure as these areas have a thinner cover of skin.  The sensation was not at all unpleasant and not painful at all.

After Ruth cooled my skin with a rejuvenating sheet mask and then patted aftercare cream into my face containing panthenol, macadamia nut oil and grapeseed oil.  When I looked at my skin it appeared tighter, smoother, firmer and glowing.  (Just a little pinkness).  My aftercare instructions were to leave my skin alone until the next morning, then to use a gentle face wash with water and a good moisturiser with SPF.  I advised to avoid make up if I could for up to a day afterwards, but after having this facial if make up is required you can use an oxidising, mineral make up the same evening.

The results of this facial are impressive and especially over time.  It will give you clearer, smoother, tighter skin.  A course of 6 is recommended, (one of two per week), and then one per month thereafter to obtain maximum results.  Ruth is doing a reduced offer on these facials at the moment, £60 for one and £240 for the next 5 and £10 extra each time if you would like the cooling mask.  (That's a £10 discount on each facial).

Ruth daughter Elizabeth Kane is also qualified to carry out this treatment.  It can be used on face, neck,decolletage  and back of hands to rejuvenate skin.
Ruth Kane 07974 754410
Elizabeth Kane 07866 476983
105 Harrow Drive
RM11 1NT

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Jaw and Lip Fillers with Dr Giorgia Ratta of Harley Street

Recently Dr Giorgia Ratta had an open night at her clinic at 10 Harley Street for a demo on Sesderma Nanopore Technology micro needling including some celebrities.  This is something that I have tried with Giorgia before and I highly recommend this facial as it's non invasive and with very little down time and side effects, plus zero pain!  It's a win, win!

I love Dr Giorgia's aesthetic work, recently having my nose straightened with fillers I opted to see her for a lip top up and she also suggested some jaw fillers which are pre-jowl.   For this area Dr Giorgia selected Ellanse' which is a bio filler and stimulates the patient's own collagen production for a long lasting result; 2 - 4 years.

Firstly Dr Giorgia expertly filled my lips to a natural plumpness using Perfectha Derm and a numbing cream to ease the pain.  Dr Giorgia always takes her time to inspect and massage to shape the lips naturally.  As Perfectha is malleable, it's easy to massage to the correct shape and feels very soft when settled.  Then she administered the jaw pre-jowl fillers.  It's a little uncomfortable, but tolerable and a less sensitive area than the lips.  I could see a huge difference immediately afterwards, my chin looked smoother and my lips more youthful. 

As always, I took arnica and ibuprofen afterwards and used ice to reduce any possible swelling and bruising.  It's also recommended to refrain from heavy physical activity, facials and steam rooms after fillers for a while.  Two weeks later and all the swelling has disappeared and I'm ready for a facial!  Always happy with Dr Giorgia's work and will happily recommend her to anybody.
Dr Giorgia Ratta Clinic
10 Harley Street

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Dermapen Facial by Kim Jay Skin Specialist in Essex

I've seen  read a lot about Dermapen (skin needling), the aesthetic industries number one choice for skin rejuvination.  It looked to me like a really good treatment for the skin.  The whole point of the treatment is to cause a slight trauma to the skin, kick starting your own collagen and elastine into action during the healing process.  What I have seen on TV and read in some articles about it being painful is definitely not true!

I went to Heavenly Salon in Harold Hill Essex to see skin specialist/therapist and trainer Kim Jay.  Kim is fully qualified and works with many Doctors and Dermatologists.  First of all Kim assessed my skin correctly and then applied numbing cream.  Once the numbing cream was working, Kim cleansed and went to work with the Dermapen.  She firstly worked on my forehead, then my cheeks, nose and chin.  Kim turned the machine down a little for around the eyes and finally she worked again on my hormonal break outs on my cheek and scar on my head.  I can say hand on heart, it doesn't hurt!  I was read after, Kim used a cooling saline mask and then a hyaluronic acid serum, after which she applied a multivitamin cream and then a high factor sun block to seal for protection.

After care and down time were easy, just do not touch the skin until the next morning, stay out of the sun as much as possible, drink plenty of water and get good sleep!  I washed with a simple facial wash the next day and used the multivitaim cream again before my sunblock.  I then applied manuka honey healing cream throughout the day to keep hydrated.  At night I used a creamy cleanser with a rich night cream after.  I used a mineral oxidising foundation if I went anywhere special, just to tone down any redness.  (None of the products I use contain harsh chemicals of parabens, I've learnt a great skincare regime from my skin doctors).

The redness only lasted a few days, I had a slight flaking effect which went after a couple of days too.  Dead skin gone, my skin looked clear and glowing and the break outs had disappeared.  I was very impressed with these results from just one treatment!  I also noticed my scar looked a whole lot better.  I also noticed that my skin was slightly less oily and I was getting compliments on my skin when I went out.  This treatment can be used also on stretch marks, skin pigmentation, scars, acne, rosacea, ageing skin, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin and oily skin.

Usually 3-6 treatments are recommended for specific skin concerns but 1-2 treatments will brighten, tighten & give a more uniform colour to your skin.

You can also combine the Dermapen treatment by adding a Mesotech vial to your treatment and infusing the ingredients into the dermis. There are 9 products all of which can be mixed to form an elixir suitable for your skin.   Also Combine this advanced therapy with a Mandelic Skin Peel (which is known as Mesotherapy) you will be creating a targeted skin therapy to address many skin concerns.  Kim Jay will work with you to choose the right ingredients to target your condition. Each Mesotech product is pharmaceuticaly created using a blend of scientific ingredients.

Book your free consultation now at Heavenly Beauty Tel: 01708 371871
Kim Jay - Professional Skin Therapist & Trainer for Natural Studios: 07739 329891

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Since breaking my nose as a child, I've had many problems.  Sinusitis, misplaced septum, hay fever.  I've had my septum moved over twice in my adult years, but I have still been a little unhappy about the bump on the bridge of my nose, reminding me of my accident. 

I am not ready for surgical reconstruction, but Dr Giorgia Ratta in Harley Street suggested a non surgical Rhinoplasty using fillers.  This is reversible and only lasts for 9-18 months so I decided I had nothing to lose in trying this.

Numbing cream was used and a filler called Perfectha Deep.  Perfectha is one of the best fillers on the aesthetic market, it's malleable, soft and feels natural.  No lumps, bumps or hardness.  From my bridge bump to my tip was filled, (this is what I call the "scoop").  Giorgia then expertly moulded the shape of my nose with her fingers.  This gave the profile of my nose a straighter look.  Giorgia then injected a little filler into my tip to turn it slightly upwards and in the cavities next to the corners of my nostrils where my nasal labial lines began to make the nose appear smaller.

After the photos were put side by side, I could see a real difference.  It was subtle, but still noticeable.  It seems that adding gave the illusion of a smaller nose, my nose looks straighter and neater.  I really like this treatment and would recommend it to anybody who is considering surgical Rhinoplasty to first of all try this step to accustom to the changes.  This is a reversible procedure that can be dissolved easily and will only last for 9-18 months depending on patient to patient.

I also had my botox refreshed by Giorgia, restoring my youthful look and stopping me from frowning!  I've had lip fillers and Silhouette Soft 6 threads with Dr Ratta in the past 6 months and consider her an expert in her field with a lovely manner and a friendly, professional attitude.  Highly recommended for a natural, youthful, improved look and a pleasant experience with beautiful results.
020 7467 8521
10 Harley Street

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Massage and Facial at Moroccan Rose Spa and Salon Hornchurch

I have passed Moroccan Rose Spa Salon a few times in Hornchurch and always been a little intrigued, it looks very classy.  My blog posts about local salons and clinic are uploaded to and Andy Wilkin the founder of Hornchurch Life recommended me as a blogger to owner of Moroccan Rose - Michaela Johnson.  Michaela opened her spa/salon when she was at the tender age of 23 after years of studying and experience at a well known spa in London.  Michaela is now 27 a you being and very capable entrepreneur who knows her stuff.

When we met, I told Michaela of my medications and illnesses and she suggested a massage and facial package tailored for my needs.  Arabian Escape is a back, shoulder, head, leg and foot massage combined with an in depth facial which lasts for approximately 1 and a half hours.  I told Michaela that the pressure on my lower left back needed to be reigned back a bit due to a prolapsed disc causing sciatica and chronic back pain.  I also told her of my history of Metatarsalgia in my feet and the fact that they cannot be touched due to the sensitivity and pain.  Michaela suggested that we swap the foot massage for a hand massage and as I use my hands often for writing this was a very satisfactory swap for me.

I chose an oil that was relaxing and uplifting without too over powering.  Michaela's pressure was just perfect.  I could feel all the knots melting away under her pressure.  I have had a few massages in the past and you can just tell that Michaela is expert in her field.  After my neck, back and shoulder had been manipulated into deep relaxation, Michaela started on my facial.  First of all massaging with Argan Facial oil and then cleansing, exfoliating and using a face pack before moisturising.  As I have combination skin with an oily T-zone, specific products were chosen to suite my skin needs.  A Black Soap Cleanser, Sugar Cane and Prickly Pear facial scrub, Argan Oil face mask mixed with Argan Day Cream.  Honey Rose and Ginger Mask and Brides Elixir Skin Tonic, followed by Carrot Face Oil Serum which is packed with vitamins.  All products used by Morrocan Rose are natural, organic and contain no chemicals, parabens or nasties.

Whilst my mask was setting, Michaela massaged my legs and my hands.  This is were I really  felt the tension go - in my hands as I am always using them on my laptop.

Once my massage and facial was finished I felt so relaxed I could have fallen asleep!  In fact if I wasn't so busy chatting with Michaela, I think I could have quiet easily fallen asleep during the treatment, it was that relaxing.

As well as spa treatments, Michaela offers beauty treatments; nails, waxing and tinting.

What a find Moroccan Rose is!  I will definitely visit Michaela again and also buy some vouchers for Christmas presents, as I know one or two people in need of this kind of chill out!
202 High Street
RM12 6QP
01708 912568

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