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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated

After I wrote about Skinade collagen supplement, a representative from Rejuvenated contacted me about their Collagen Shots and asked me to test and review.  Rejuvenated are a small British brand which have worked on the collagen principle for 23 years.  I am always keen to test new products and to support a small British business is very important to me.

This Collagen supplement is different in the way that it contains Acia Berry to aid fat loss and it contains zero sugar, so this will help with weight loss as well as improve skin, hair, nails and bones.  (Sugar is particularly bad for the skin).  This product is also Gluten free and free from starch, fat, preservatives and artificial colours.  The only way you would be allergic to this product is if you are allergic to fish as the collagen is collected from natural marine substances.

The ingredients are; Marine Collagen 10,000mg, Vitamin C, Acia Berry, Hyaluronic Acid, Stevia, Vitamins B3 B5 B6, Zinc, Copper.  All the natural nutrients required for a healthy body and healthy skin.  No nasties.  Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal function of skin.  Vitamin B3 and Zinc help maintain normal skin.  Zinc and Copper together contribute to normal DNA synthethsis.  Hyaluronic Acid is needed by the body to bind water and give the skin moisture and plumpness, this depletes naturally with age as does natural production of Collagen.

This supplement comes in powder form in a 330g pouch with a scoop for precise measuring and contains 30 servings.  The scoop of powder needs to be whisked with water with a fork and drank before bed.  It tastes good and natural, you can taste that it doesn't contain sugar.  There is no nasty after taste.  The ingredients go to work on an empty stomach to be absorbed into the body's system and work on the skin in particular. 

After full use of this product I noticed a difference, not only to my skin but to my body shape!  I was not eating differently or doing anything differently, so I believe that this product helped me to lose fat.  I do not weigh myself, I just go by my dress size as sometimes body muscle can with more than body fat and the scales can be deceiving.  How I really noticed a difference was one night after a hectic day I fell into bed in my underwear.  When I woke up in the morning and got out of bed, I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror in my undies and was surprised to see that my shape had noticeably changed!  My tummy was much smaller and everything else looked like inches had come off.  Very pleasing!  Also as I have a lot of aesthetic treatments, this product has contributed drastically to my healing process and left my skin firm, pink, soft, clear and plump.  My hair and nails seem to have grown quicker than usual too.

Rejuvenated have a full range of anti ageing  and well being supplements.  An interesting one which would compliment collagen shots is H3O Hydration Night Repair which is a tablet to take at night.  It provides minerals and ions key in hydration for skin and health.  This will rehydrate you overnight.  There is also a H30 Hydration Drink for daytime. The Well Being range is designed to specifically support fitness and weight loss.

You can learn about and purchase Rejuvenated supplements at   Retail price of Collagen Shots is £39.95 making it affordable for customers to purchase regularly.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Hair At The Vanilla Room In Hornchurch - Olaplex

The Vanilla Room in Hornchurch have a new hair treatment call Olaplex.  It conditions right to the very core of the hair shaft and strengthens the hair from the inside out.  I decided to get down there and check it out as I needed a whole new hair makeover.

My stylist Emmy, (Who has 26 years experience), and I had a consultation where we decided on a funky choppy bob and to colour my hair incorporating the Olaplex conditioning treatment.  As I have a much younger looking face now thanks to Vie Aesthetics and Dr Giorgia Ratta, I wanted something funky.  We decided on a warm chestnut brown with bright red choppy streaks going through it.  (I've been red before and really liked it).

Olaplex 1 was used in my colours, which were left on for 20 minutes.  Then Olaplex 2 was applied for a further 20 minutes.  After that my hair was washed with Vitamino Colour Shampoo and Keratise Fuso Dose treatment with radiance booster was applied to keep my colour for longer.  Once that was rinsed out, Emmy went to work with her magic scissors and expertly blow dried my hair using Volumifique heat protection spray.

I was happy with my new look and the softness and glossiness of my hair.  This treatment will last me for a few weeks and has helped to repair the damage caused by over colouring my hair as I change it often.  I would especially recommend Olaplex if your colouring your hair and also as a stand alone treatment, especially for highlighted and bleached hair as it rebuilds your hair from the inside out, repairing damage.   You can even buy a bottle to use at home.  Olaplex if used with your colour is £20, if used as a stand alone treatment it's £35 and to buy for home use it's £36.  Keratise Fuso Dose is £17.50.  Cut and style is from £36.  Consultations and fringe trims are complimentary.  The Vanilla Rooms also offer hair extensions and beauty treatments including; facials, machine facials, nails, eyelashes, brow treatments, make up, body treatments, massage and sunless tanning.  All prices and services are on the website.

I noticed that when I next washed my hair, very little colour came out due to the Olaplex and the Fuso Dose Treatment and when dried my hair felt very soft to the touch and was nice and shiny, proof that this treatment really does work!

The Vanilla Room is a really creative salon, and it's Facebook page is packed with lots of hair style inspiration and advice. Certainly worth a 'Like' if you're thinking of a new look this season.  If you're quick, you can still enjoy the SPRING HAIR SALE. This gives new clients 25% off colour, cut & style services, or 50% off cut & style services until the end of April. For more info on the sale visit
Hornchurch 01708 452245
Brentwood 01277 263360

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How To Tackle Skin Tags At Home

Since having my babies, skin tags have been the bain of my life!  It's just horrible when you get them on your face!  I had one on my forehead and was forever covering my hair over it.  As your making baby's skin in pregnancy, these can appear as side effects like as you making baby's hair your hair growth increases and shedding decreases making your hair fuller, not a bad side effect!

I tried all sorts, scouring the internet for a cure as GPs put it down to vanity and don't treat for this.  I tried tea tree oil, verruca creams, pure alcohol, green tea, all sorts of solutions.  I couldn't bring myself to try cutting it off with a small pair of scissors and then it came to me.  What do the doctors do with unwanted skin like warts and verrucas?  The freeze them!  Cryo.  so I went to my local chemist and scoured the shelves for the most effect, but safe freezing treatment.

I found Watie Precision Tip Wart and Verruca remover.  No harm to surrounding skin and safe enough to use on children 4+.  I took this home and decided to give it a go.  It is so easy and quick to use and totally painless.  I used this twice a day for 2 days and then kept the area clean with tea tree and Savlon.   Immediately the skin tag was smaller.  After a few days tag had fallen and the redness was fading.  Skin tag problem solved!  If only I'd have thought of this earlier!

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Venus Freeze Collagen Facia at Daclinic Brentwood

In my quest for younger, firmer, smoother skin in my 40's I headed over to in Brentwood owned and run by the lovely Noorie Jiwa-Maddison who is qualified at NVQ3 level.  Daclinic is based nearby the TOWIE infuences; Amy's Salon and Lucy's Boutique.

Noorie offers a treatment called Venus Freeze which is a machine that heats the deeper layers of the skin boosting collagen production.  This reduces fat and cellulite, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and firms sagging skin, plumping up the skin and giving it a healthy glow.  This treatment will also help to banish cellulite and shape the body.  Celebrity endorsed, this treatment is popular with Lisa Snowden and Yasmin Le Bon.

It's advisable to drink lots of water after the treatment to help things along and keep the skin hydrated.  Also a collagen suppliment will help things along.  You can have this treatment on any part of your body, I chose my face as that is always on show.

A warm wand which is plugged into a Venus Freeze machine is passed over the skin in circular massaging movements once the skin is coated in a protective layer of glycerine to prevent burning from the heat.  It feels warm and very relaxing.  Noorie even has a heated blanket on her salon bed which was really soothing on my back and very cosy and comforting as it was winter when I had the treatment.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum results so that's what I had with before and after pictures to see the effect.  After that it is advised that you maintain top ups at the very most every 3 months.

I was more than happy with the results every time I left the clinic and at the end of the course I was very pleasantly surprised at the overall result and the before and after pictures were astonishing.  My skin is so plump, soft, clear and smooth.  I have such a healthy glow to my skin and it no longer looks grey and tired.  I've had some really l
lovely compliments on my skin from friends.  Even India Willoughby DMd me on Twitter to tell me how fabulous my skin looks!

Here is the price list;
Treatment AreaSingle PriceInclusive Packages*
incl’ 6incl’ 8incl’ 10
Full Facial£95£570£760£950
Full Facial & Neck£120£720£960£1200
Eyes & Forehead£40£240£320£400
Lips & Laughter Lines£40£240£320£400
Stomach & Flanks£130£780£1040£1300
Back & Bra Line£110£660£880£1100
Thighs (inner / outer)£110£660£880£1100

* All treatment packages come with 1 free additional treatment when booked at the time of consultation and is not in conjunction with any other offers

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Hair Care

I have had lots of trouble with shampoos and conditioners in the past leaving my hair; too greasy, too dry and with a strange film of I presume chemicals on it.  I have tried many different shampoos and conditioners, including suphate free, but there are only a few that I found to be effective.

I look for one main ingredient when choosing a shampoo and conditioner and that is Keratin, which is the protein your hair is made of.  One shampoo and conditioner came out top marks for me and surprisingly it was an inexpensive brand!  Treseme Expert Selection Keratin Smooth.  It comes in 750 ml bottles and there are often good deals on this product in the big chain supermarkets.  Others that I have liked for the smoothness, softness and manageability are Kukui extract shampoo and condition which gives a gloss that repels moisture and NuuNATT Natt Brazilian Keratine daily shampoo and conditioner there is also a leave in conditioner, a serum and a mask in this range, it is definitely one of my favourites to splash out on.  (I usually go to Beauty Craze hair store next to Asda in the Romford Mercury Shopping Mall, they have so much as such good prices in there.

I also found a great little colourant which contains conditioning keratin, so it's like a colour and treatment in one.  Schwarzkopf Polycolour Permanent Cream Colour Tint.  It's available in a after range of colours from dark browns, to reds, to blondes.  You can buy this at Beauty Craze or other outlets such as Superdrug ect.  I always find my hair to be so soft and glossy after using this and it's the best home hair colour I have come across so far.

When drying your hair, it's always important to use a heat protector and serum and to not dry from sopping wet and also to not use a very high heat.  You can also use hair oil for extra gloss and Texture plumping powder at the roots for lift and volume.  Try not to wash your hair daily as you will strip the natural oils, leaving it dull, lifeless and dry.

There is of course Horse Main and Tail shampoo to try!  Many celebrities swear by this and I think I will be giving it a try out of curiosity!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Chocolate Facial at Giorgia Ratta's Clinic

After a horrible wisdom tooth infection my skin was looking and feeling so tired and dull.  I decided to speak to Dr Giorgia Ratta who did my Silhouette Soft.  Giorgia suggested the "Chocolate Facial" a facial with Cocoa Enzyme which promises to remove keratin buildup, (dry skin) and help to brighten and clarify the skin.  Just the name of the facial made me want it! So I travelled up to her!
This product is from Circadia Professional By Dr Pugliese.  Skin type for this facial is oily, acneic, sensitive and ageing.  Three out of four for me!  It is a light powder containing bromelain, papain and trypsin that dissolves cysteine protease and serine protease.  Here are the know benefits of the ingredients: Bromelain-Dissolves cysteine protease, anti-inflammatory. Papain-Dissolves sulphydroxyl protein group. Trypsin-Dissolves keratin.Cocoa-Vaso constrictor and anti-inflammatory.  The powder needs to be added to the activator which contains: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Germaben II, Cocoa Essence.  This is so kind to the skin with no nasties, very natural.  This treatment can be used on hands, feet, elbows, face and back. 

I must say that I really enjoyed this facial, one of the best so far.  First a thorough cleanse was performed with a Vitamin Veil cleanser and then exfoliated Honey Micro exfoliating cleanser using water to rinse.  Then the magic chocolate cocoa enzyme facial was applied by hand.  It smells delicious and makes you want to eat it!  Cling film and a hot steamed towel is applied to the face for 15 minutes.  Once the product was cleansed with water from my skin with water, and pat dry,  Hydraloc Post Peel balm with Hydraulic for bonding moisture was applied.  This looked oily at first, but sank into my skin very well.  My skin felt so comfortable and relaxed afterwards.  When I looked in the mirror I think I looked better than when I walked in wearing make up.  My skin looked and felt calmer, less puffy, glowing but relaxed.  Giorgia even gave me some lovely samples to trial afterwards to keep that feeling of smooth relaxed skin. Endocare Tensage Cream containing snail saliva to help with fine lines and wrinkles plus Heliocare 360 Gel/Oil Free SPF 50 protection.  I found these products to be kind to my skin and improve texture and appearance.  I really loved them, especially the Endocare Tensage Cream which sank straight into my skin like a serum making it feel comfortable and rested.
151, South Ealing Road,
London, W5 4QP

Friday, 25 March 2016

Fight Back To Cancer Via Beauty

Caroline Botterill who sponsored Angel Collins in the Miss Essex Pagent has opened her own salon as fight back to Cancer.  Caroline 35, a mother of 3 boys was first diagnosed with cancer in November 2012 and again in March 2013.  She had extensive surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.  Since surgery Caroline’s health improved and last year she was informed that she was in complete remission for her 2nd year. Originally a mobile hairdresser, this inspirational lady is has now opened Sparkle Hair and Nails, 102 Stoney Lane, Shoreham by Sea.  Caroline's salon will now be launching a special service for cancer patients and Macmillan nurses, offering reduced price hair and beauty treatments. The launch party on Saturday 9th April from 6pm to 9pm.  There will be a dedicated day each month just for other people who are battling cancer and the MacMillan nurses who care for them.  Beauty treatments on these days will be on a donation basis and donations will go directly to the MacMillan charity.  Sparkle will be the only salon locally to Shoreham offer this exclusive service.

If you feel you can help with raffle prizes, (this can include signed merchandise from celebrities, discount vouchers for products, gifts, flowers, treatments, unwanted items or gifts, ect), please conact Caroline on her Facebook page  Also if you have relatives and friends in Shoreham by Sea, please let them know about this as they may wish to lend their support.

Caroline says “To help other women experiencing the trauma of cancer, I am offering them reduced rates to come to the salon and receive treatments too.  I also wanted to extend this offer to the amazing Macmillan nurses who work tirelessly to help cancer sufferers deal with their treatment.”

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A Good Skin Care Routine Is Essential

This week I am advising on skin care.  For years I've realised that I've been using the wrong products, packed with chemicals and parabens.  After visiting many clinics, I now know to choose products with natural and organic ingredients.

Firstly cleansing; wipes are bad, they just move the dirt and make up around without properly removing it.  Micellar Water with cotton pads are good for removing make up in my experience, but you need to follow this up with a facial wash and tepid water.   (Tepid and not hot water will not cause any damage to the skin).  Choose a fragrance and soap free cleansing foam which suits your skin type and rub gently.  Once rinsed thoroughly, follow wet cleansing with a few splashes of cold water to tone and close pores.  (I like to use Cuticura Skin +Balance Facial Wash.  I opt for Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial Wash with aloe vera and chamomile for day and night use.  I sometimes used Cuticura Skin + Balance Combination/Oily Skin Facial Wash with zinc and cucumber extract on an oily skin day.  Twice a week I use Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active 3 in 1; wash, scrub and mask.  This product has triple mineral action and salicylic acid which melts away bacteria, dirt and sebum clogging pores.  It can be used as a quick wash and exfoliator as it contains pumice, or you can leave it on until it dries as a purifying mask as it contains white clay, before you rinse it off.

Once skin is clean and patted dry with a clean towel it's time to moisturise.  I do like snail saliva products as they contain amino acids and encourage cell turnover and renewal as well as collagen production.  There are two in particular that I like; Endocare Tensage and Mizon Black Snail cream (90% snail slime) along with the Mizon Black Snail eye serum.  I also tend to go for Dr Organic products from Holland and Barratt when my purse isn't particularly full.  I really like the Munuka Honey day cream containing vitamin C which is really good for healing damage.  It also contains a natural SPF Zinc Oxide.  You can also buy Zinc Oxide cream from chemists for extra protection and it's really good for repairing sun damage and ageing skin.  For night cream I particularly like Dr Organic Royal Jelly Cream, it's rich and nutritious for an overnight boost. Dr Organic do have Snail Slime creams and serums in the range.  I have been looking at Vitamin C creams on the market, I quite like Glow Boosting Vitamin C moisturising gel from the Body Shop and a really good high SPF containing vitamin C is Heliocare 360 SPF 50 if you have that sort of money to spend on creams.  I sometimes use organic coconut oil on my face overnight, if I'm washing my hair in the morning as it's naturally hydrating and nutritious.  It's also good to use as an eyelash and eyebrow conditioner and a lip balm.

Coming onto face masks.  These are a skin luxury you need to make time for.  I like the sachets of Dr Organic Snail Slime moisture mask from Holland and Barratt and they're very affordable.  I also got sent some masks sheets recently that I was impressed with from Timeless Truth  There are some variations in this range.  The deep cleansing masks and relaxing masks such as the Charcoal Detox mask and Calming Multipeptide mask, the results are immediate, with just one use skin is left hydrated, plump and radiant.  The Bio-Cellulose range (the anti-ageing Bee Venom, Apple Stem Cell Collagen & Eye-Masks) deliver intense hydration in one single application - bio-cellulose is considered one of the purest materials on the market today, derived from coconut fibres, and able to hold 100X its weight in serum, penetrating the skin deeply hydrating it.  These masks can be kept in the fridge and used around 3-4 times before disposal.  I really like how they immediately took any puffiness away and the skin was visually plumper and soft to touch.  I also like to use Purederm Anti Wrinkle gel patches for under my eyes to take puffiness down, these are relatively inexpensive from Holland and Barratt.

I have learned a lot about skincare since going to clinics and have changed my skin routine drastically, binning all products containing nasty chemicals a parabens.  I have noticed a strong difference in my skin since doing this.  Hardly any break outs, significantly less white heads, less oiliness, (my skin was producing a lot of sebum to protect itself fro all the chemicals), softer, plumper and pinker skin with a noticeable softening of fine lines.  My skin feels clean and comfortable, whereas it used to feel quite irritated and greasy.  So it is definitely worth having an overhaul of your skincare routine and searching the ingredients of the products that you buy as you could be doing more harm than good.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hair at Halls of Ivy Romford

I have been to Halls Of Ivy as a model for practice with trainees for years now.  I have had many things done from Acrylic Nails to Waxing to Massage and Facials.  I have now decided to model for the Level 3 apprentice hairdressers for highlights.  I have always had a good experience regarding my treatments at Halls of Ivy.  Very professional, safe, friendly and enjoyable. 

Chantelle of hair and Beauty Clinic in Chadwell Heath as my hairdresser for the day.  Chantelle was friendly, had a good rapport and it was obvious that she enjoys what she does.  We decided on caramel colours to contrast my brunette hair.  Foils were used and this took a while so I was made comfortable with cups of tea and magazines.  After Chantelle cut my hair into a choppy bob and blow dried to my preference.  I was amazed at the lift in colour, it gave me a whole new look without being too obvious.  The cut gave my hair more shape and appearance of volume.  It exceeded my

Halls of Ivy  is situated in South Street Romford and works with the Government to offer efficient and affordable beauty, hairdressing and holistic courses.  Ideal for school leavers or stay at home mums looking for a change of career.  There is something called a "24+ Learner Loan" - study now and pay back when in full term employment earning £21k+.  They are always advertising for models on Facebook almost daily.  Halls of Ivy offer these treatments at a heavily discounted price to models willing to help trainees pass their NVQ courses.  Treatments vary from beauty to hair to holistic.  This is ideal for the type of person that needs a pamper and to get out of the house, but can't afford it.
Halls Of Ivy Training Academy
191 South St, Romford RM1 1QA
01708 766395
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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Skinade Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out

For some time I've been looking into supplements for the skin to nourish from the inside out and I have tried many.  The one product that I have been the most impressed with is Skinade.

Skinade is a collagen based drink which is recommended by beauty professionals, dermatologists and aesthetics surgeons.  It contains an extensive range of ingredients to help support skin collagen production and good skin health.  With 7000mg of hydrolysed natural marine collagen derived from fish, vitamin C, B vitamins and omega fatty acids this drink promises to hydrate your skin from the inside out by increasing the body's hyaluronic acid which in turn optimises the skin's ability to retain moisture.  (It is advised that you drink lots of plain water daily for this reason).  The recommended daily amount of collagen in the drink triggers the fibroblasts in the skin to fire up and start to work at producing more of the body's natural collagen which is integral to the elastin in the skin thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  The vitamin complex helps the overall health of the skin to improve dramatically, along with hair and nails.

You can get it in a ready made drink or concentrated for travel use which you simply add to filtered water and stir.
As this is a liquid supplement it is more readily absorbed by the body meaning that 80-90% of the content will be put to use.  (Tablets tend to have less absorbability - 30-40%, which causes some of the content to pass through the body without the ingredients being used.  If you cannot afford the liquids, then tablets are fine, but you need to take quite a lot of them to get the desired effect).

It is best advised to take this supplement on an empty stomach so as it is not absorbed by stomach enzymes before reaching the intestine.  I take mine at bedtime, at least 3 to 4 hours after my dinner.  The drink itself is very pleasant tasting, peachy with no nasty aftertaste.  I have noticed excellent results since taking Skinade in just the first month.  Usually, I am prone to hormonal break outs on my face and my skin has always looked fairly tired and pale in the mornings.  I also have naturally oily skin, the excess sebum seems to be subsiding a little.  My skin is clearer, softer, firmer, plumper and with a healthy dewy glow.  This drink has also boosted the results of any treatments I've been having so it is great combined with machine facials and other skin treatments.  My fine hair is getting slowly thicker, (less fall), and my nails seem stronger as they were always prone to breaking.  I actually feel more energised and I have also lost some weight.  I don't know whether to attribute this to my new style of healthy eating, the supplements or both but it has happened during the time I've been drinking Skinade. 

Skinade has also been extensively clinically tested with astonishingly positive results.  I have read many wonderful reviews about Skinade and it is rumoured to have celebrity fans such as; Daisy Ridley, Sienna Miller, David Gandy, Kim Kardashian, January Jones and Grace Jones.  I love Skinade and totally recommend it myself.

I have noticed many salons around Essex and London who stock Skinade, it can also be purchased directly from the website or you can find a stockist near you on the website.