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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Photo Skin Rejuvenation Facial With IPL Laser Machine

Dr Giorgia Ratta Cosmetic Clinic in South Ealing is always updating her treatment list, I decided to travel to her for a Photo Skin Rejuvenation facial using ILP Laser Machine This is a machine facial using light and heat. This improves the texture of the skin, increases collagen production and reduces pigmentation and sun damage.  This is also good for acne and open pores.  The effects of this facial will work for up to 10 days.

My eyes and SPMU eyebrows were protected by cotton pads and goggles.  The machine zaps the skin with light and heat, it tingles and is quite hot, but it's painless.  A gel is used to protect the skin.  It doesn't take long at all and leaves the skin looking from the first facial.  Up to 6 of these facials at regular intervals is recommended for lasting and noticeable results.  During the consultation, my therapist Sahel and I decided that we should treat my neck and declotage as sun damage has taken it's toll in those areas. 

As soon as Sahel had finished my facial and wiped off all the gel and applied Aloe Vera, I could see an immediate difference, especially on my tricky declotage area.  My pores were also visibly smaller. Dr Giorgia generously supplied me with some Heliocare SPF50 protection samples as it is important that a good SPF cream is used after this treatment and I'd forgotten to bring mine.    Also Aloe Vera cream of gel is recommended for 24 hours after the treatment, no perfumed creams and no make up, heat treatments ect.

Just a few days later I can see the difference on my declotage in particular.  It's smoother in appearance.  My skin is smoother, plumper and glowing.

Dr Giorgia is now also offering laser hair removal, tattoo removal, thread vein removal, Ultrasound Cavitation and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening.  This last newly introduced treatment appeals to me for the treatment of my jaw and neck to compliment the Silhouette Soft 6 thread puppet face lift Dr Giorgia expertly applied to my lower face, so I will be returning in the near future.

There are some money saving packages on which can be booked through 

Visit the Facebook page for examples of Dr Giorgia Ratta's expert work.
151 South Ealing Rd, London W5 4QP
020 3490 6767

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Botox at Vie Southend as part of Full Eye Rejuvination

The final part of my "Full Eye Rejuvination Package" at Vie Aesthetics was botox 3 areas.  Dr Liakas expertly and quickly injected all areas that needed lifting and relaxing without pain.  The results of this took 4 days to kick in and I had a noticeable brow lift!  The wrinkle across my had was gone as were my fine lines and crows feet around my eyes.  Very pleasing!

Then as a final tweak Dr Laikas decided to give me cheek fillers using Ellanse which is 100% hyaluronic acid and 100% collagen which last for 2 years and stimulates your own production of collagen for that time too.  Now usually I have been sceptical of cheek fillers as you see certain celebrities with puffed up faces in the tabloids, but I trust Dr Liakas and if he thought cheek fillers would improve my appearance, that was good enough for me.  Again he injected quickly and without pain.  (It's a good idea to take Arnica tablets on the run up to and after you have injectables and have Arnica cream in reserve if you bruise easily and don't take any blood thinning drugs).  I could not believe the difference the Ellanse made!  It brought my lower face up and even lifted the corners of my eyes as well as giving me defined cheek bones.  It changed the whole shape of my face to look fresher and younger.  Dr Liakas even used a few drops of the Ellanse to smooth out my nose to mouth lines which was a nice surprise.

I just can't believe the difference in the way I look!  My face has really evolved and I look more like the younger me.  My husband is very pleased, my friends have complimented me and even my children have too.
Above Tony&Guy
Unit 23, The Royals

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tear Trough Filler at Vie Southend

As part of a "Full Eye Rejuvination" package at Vie Asthethics in Southend on Sea, I have had Tear Trough Fillers using one of the best fillers on the market - Perfectha.
The package includes; Tear Trough Fillers, Soft Surgery PlexR Blepharoplasty using a plasma technique and the Botox 3 areas to lift the brows.
The tear trough fillers consist of a series of injections using Perfectha around the lower eyes where they are hollow and dark circles appear.  Firstly numbing cream was applied and then ice packs and arnica cream to prevent bruising as much as possible.  Then the injections, which didn't hurt at all and didn't take long.  DrLiakas is an expert injector.
I was astonished at the immediate results!  My eyes were lifted at the corners, no more hollows and my nose to mouth lines were lifted!  I was amazed at what a different look it gave me!  Such an easy, quick and painless treatment.  To help with the healing I used a neck pillow for a few days to prevent rolling over at night and I took arnica to help with the slight swelling and bruising.  I used a high SPF, an SPF oxidising foundation and sunglasses during the day for protection against the sun.
The next step is 3 areas botox to lift the brow and give a fresh look whilst ironing out my wrinkles around my eyes!  This will totally compliment the Silhouette Soft thread lift I had in my lower face recently and make me look a whole lot younger and fresher.
The "Full Eye Rejuvination" package will be available from Vie very soon, but for now they have packages involving the Silhouette Soft "Puppet Face Lift" with botox and fillers.
01702 617176 | Mobile: 07899 673578
Unit 23, The Royals
SS1 1DQ   (access through Tony&Guy)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Soft Surgery Blepharoplasty at Vie Southend

I have been very down about my eyes for years.  I noticed that after 25 my skin above my upper eyelids has been drooping and over the years the droopy skin has turned into upper eye bags.  The problem has become so bad that I have been raising my eyelids quite a lot without realizing it, causing a line across my forehead.

In the past I have tried botox to correct the problem, it has helped but their is only so much that can be done with botox and the skin still remains when the botox wears off.  I recently saw an option for "Soft Surgery Blepharoplasty" at Vie Aesthethics at Southend-On-Sea.  This clinic is run by husband and wife team Vicky and Dr Ionnas Liakas.  Dr Liakas is an experienced and certified specialist doctor. 

Vie is a really nice chic little clinic which is very easy to get to.  There are many different procedures to choose from.  One of their most popular specialities is Silhouette Soft "puppet face lift" that I recently had at a clinic in South Ealing.  In fact there were a few clients getting this done on the day I was there.

During my consultation for PlexR®,  I was warned of around 7 days down time and the fact that this procedure is not always a completely painless one depending on the person's pain threshold.  I decided that the price of this was worth paying to regain my confidence about my eyes and to make the top half of my face match the bottom half.  I was told about what was involved.  "PlexR®, is a device that forms plasma to sublimate the excess skin. It delivers its energy only on the superficial skin cells, without affecting deeper tissues, thus enables the perfect plasticity of the eyelid movement immediately after the treatment. The result is immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye. The benefits are also the improvement of the expression lines at the corner of the eye and the cheekbone (“crow’s feet”)."  Basically this means a conductor pen is used which is similar to lightening.  It doesn't touch the skin, but is aimed at the skin and is extremely accurate.  It needs a skilled hand.   The offending loose skin is then evaporated.  What is left behind are scabs which protect the new skin whilst it's forming.  During that time an oxidising high SPF protection mineral foundation is recommended and of course sunglasses.  Depending on how much loose skin is present, the client. may need between 1 and 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

Numbing cream is applied, but I was very nervous so Dr Liakas gave me a local anesthetic to make me as comfortable as he possibly could.  The one thing I did like about this was I didn't have to wear lead lenses under my eyelids as I am very squeamish about my eyes.  It took around 30 minutes, not too long and once it was finished I could see an immediate effect before the swelling kicked in.   I had eyelids again, a bothersome skin tag was gone and a new arch on each eyebrow, this made me very happy.  The swelling was apparent for a few days, my eyes felt very tight, but I kept telling myself that the end result was worth it and I couldn't wait until the scabs fell off revealing the new tighter "baby" skin.  I used the make up I was supplied religiously and micellar water only to take it off without rubbing.  No rubbing or picking allowed as if the scabs are removed before they fall off naturally it can cause pigmentation.  I also used a neck pillow at night to sleep for a week to ensure I didn't disturb my eyes.

The scabs came off gradually and I began to see the result slowly, which made me feel happy that I had chosen this treatment.  When all of the scabs were gone, I just couldn't believe my reflection.  I looked like the old me again, the one when I was younger.  I still had a lot of looking after to do as the skin was brand new, so I religiously used a high SPF, the make up and sunglasses for protection.  Now when I apply my make up, I can be more experimental as it really shows now that I have eyelids again.  I can now wear lashes without them looking odd too.  My husband wasn't sure about this when he saw me looking swollen and scabby, but now all has healed he absolutely loves it and supported me through it too.  My friends have all commented on how great I look now.  I can also see clearer as having none of the droopy skin there lets in more light.  But most importantly, this has given me back my confidence about my eyes without having to have a surgeon cut at them and all of the risks involved in surgery as well as the recovery.

This treatment has many uses, removal of skin tags, removal of upper and lower eye bags, tattoo removal, scar removal and removal of lines, wrinkles and crows feet.  The downtime for this procedure is still much less than conventional surgery. (In surgery with cutting, there is swelling and significant bruising for up to 3 weeks.  As I mentioned, I had swelling but no bruising after PlexR).  Also in surgery people have a surgical scar on the eye lid.  PlexR does not leave any scars.  In fact Dr Liakas has had clients who came for PlexR to correct conventional blepharoplasty surgery and rid the scars. One patient had the arch of the upper eyelid perfected and to the patient's delight the scar also disappeared.  Even after 3 sessions of PlexR, (which is rarely required), the costs are still substantially less with PlexR than conventional surgery, so this option is definitely worth looking at if you are considering an eyelift or lower eye bag removal for a fresher look and better vision.

I have been invited back for tear trough fillers using Perfectha and botox to complete the look.  PlexR combined with botox and fillers is a package is called "Full Eye Rejuvination" and will be available at Vie Asthetics very soon.
Vie Aesthetics (above Tony&Guy)
Unit 23, The Royals

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated

After I wrote about Skinade collagen supplement, a representative from Rejuvenated contacted me about their Collagen Shots and asked me to test and review.  Rejuvenated are a small British brand which have worked on the collagen principle for 23 years.  I am always keen to test new products and to support a small British business is very important to me.

This Collagen supplement is different in the way that it contains Acia Berry to aid fat loss and it contains zero sugar, so this will help with weight loss as well as improve skin, hair, nails and bones.  (Sugar is particularly bad for the skin).  This product is also Gluten free and free from starch, fat, preservatives and artificial colours.  The only way you would be allergic to this product is if you are allergic to fish as the collagen is collected from natural marine substances.

The ingredients are; Marine Collagen 10,000mg, Vitamin C, Acia Berry, Hyaluronic Acid, Stevia, Vitamins B3 B5 B6, Zinc, Copper.  All the natural nutrients required for a healthy body and healthy skin.  No nasties.  Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal function of skin.  Vitamin B3 and Zinc help maintain normal skin.  Zinc and Copper together contribute to normal DNA synthethsis.  Hyaluronic Acid is needed by the body to bind water and give the skin moisture and plumpness, this depletes naturally with age as does natural production of Collagen.

This supplement comes in powder form in a 330g pouch with a scoop for precise measuring and contains 30 servings.  The scoop of powder needs to be whisked with water with a fork and drank before bed.  It tastes good and natural, you can taste that it doesn't contain sugar.  There is no nasty after taste.  The ingredients go to work on an empty stomach to be absorbed into the body's system and work on the skin in particular. 

After full use of this product I noticed a difference, not only to my skin but to my body shape!  I was not eating differently or doing anything differently, so I believe that this product helped me to lose fat.  I do not weigh myself, I just go by my dress size as sometimes body muscle can with more than body fat and the scales can be deceiving.  How I really noticed a difference was one night after a hectic day I fell into bed in my underwear.  When I woke up in the morning and got out of bed, I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror in my undies and was surprised to see that my shape had noticeably changed!  My tummy was much smaller and everything else looked like inches had come off.  Very pleasing!  Also as I have a lot of aesthetic treatments, this product has contributed drastically to my healing process and left my skin firm, pink, soft, clear and plump.  My hair and nails seem to have grown quicker than usual too.

Rejuvenated have a full range of anti ageing  and well being supplements.  An interesting one which would compliment collagen shots is H3O Hydration Night Repair which is a tablet to take at night.  It provides minerals and ions key in hydration for skin and health.  This will rehydrate you overnight.  There is also a H30 Hydration Drink for daytime. The Well Being range is designed to specifically support fitness and weight loss.

You can learn about and purchase Rejuvenated supplements at   Retail price of Collagen Shots is £39.95 making it affordable for customers to purchase regularly.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Hair At The Vanilla Room In Hornchurch - Olaplex

The Vanilla Room in Hornchurch have a new hair treatment call Olaplex.  It conditions right to the very core of the hair shaft and strengthens the hair from the inside out.  I decided to get down there and check it out as I needed a whole new hair makeover.

My stylist Emmy, (Who has 26 years experience), and I had a consultation where we decided on a funky choppy bob and to colour my hair incorporating the Olaplex conditioning treatment.  As I have a much younger looking face now thanks to Vie Aesthetics and Dr Giorgia Ratta, I wanted something funky.  We decided on a warm chestnut brown with bright red choppy streaks going through it.  (I've been red before and really liked it).

Olaplex 1 was used in my colours, which were left on for 20 minutes.  Then Olaplex 2 was applied for a further 20 minutes.  After that my hair was washed with Vitamino Colour Shampoo and Keratise Fuso Dose treatment with radiance booster was applied to keep my colour for longer.  Once that was rinsed out, Emmy went to work with her magic scissors and expertly blow dried my hair using Volumifique heat protection spray.

I was happy with my new look and the softness and glossiness of my hair.  This treatment will last me for a few weeks and has helped to repair the damage caused by over colouring my hair as I change it often.  I would especially recommend Olaplex if your colouring your hair and also as a stand alone treatment, especially for highlighted and bleached hair as it rebuilds your hair from the inside out, repairing damage.   You can even buy a bottle to use at home.  Olaplex if used with your colour is £20, if used as a stand alone treatment it's £35 and to buy for home use it's £36.  Keratise Fuso Dose is £17.50.  Cut and style is from £36.  Consultations and fringe trims are complimentary.  The Vanilla Rooms also offer hair extensions and beauty treatments including; facials, machine facials, nails, eyelashes, brow treatments, make up, body treatments, massage and sunless tanning.  All prices and services are on the website.

I noticed that when I next washed my hair, very little colour came out due to the Olaplex and the Fuso Dose Treatment and when dried my hair felt very soft to the touch and was nice and shiny, proof that this treatment really does work!

The Vanilla Room is a really creative salon, and it's Facebook page is packed with lots of hair style inspiration and advice. Certainly worth a 'Like' if you're thinking of a new look this season.  If you're quick, you can still enjoy the SPRING HAIR SALE. This gives new clients 25% off colour, cut & style services, or 50% off cut & style services until the end of April. For more info on the sale visit
Hornchurch 01708 452245
Brentwood 01277 263360

As seen in the Havering Post newspaper, on and on

How To Tackle Skin Tags At Home

Since having my babies, skin tags have been the bain of my life!  It's just horrible when you get them on your face!  I had one on my forehead and was forever covering my hair over it.  As your making baby's skin in pregnancy, these can appear as side effects like as you making baby's hair your hair growth increases and shedding decreases making your hair fuller, not a bad side effect!

I tried all sorts, scouring the internet for a cure as GPs put it down to vanity and don't treat for this.  I tried tea tree oil, verruca creams, pure alcohol, green tea, all sorts of solutions.  I couldn't bring myself to try cutting it off with a small pair of scissors and then it came to me.  What do the doctors do with unwanted skin like warts and verrucas?  The freeze them!  Cryo.  so I went to my local chemist and scoured the shelves for the most effect, but safe freezing treatment.

I found Watie Precision Tip Wart and Verruca remover.  No harm to surrounding skin and safe enough to use on children 4+.  I took this home and decided to give it a go.  It is so easy and quick to use and totally painless.  I used this twice a day for 2 days and then kept the area clean with tea tree and Savlon.   Immediately the skin tag was smaller.  After a few days tag had fallen and the redness was fading.  Skin tag problem solved!  If only I'd have thought of this earlier!

As seen in the Havering Post newspaper, on and on

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Venus Freeze Collagen Facia at Daclinic Brentwood

In my quest for younger, firmer, smoother skin in my 40's I headed over to in Brentwood owned and run by the lovely Noorie Jiwa-Maddison who is qualified at NVQ3 level.  Daclinic is based nearby the TOWIE infuences; Amy's Salon and Lucy's Boutique.

Noorie offers a treatment called Venus Freeze which is a machine that heats the deeper layers of the skin boosting collagen production.  This reduces fat and cellulite, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and firms sagging skin, plumping up the skin and giving it a healthy glow.  This treatment will also help to banish cellulite and shape the body.  Celebrity endorsed, this treatment is popular with Lisa Snowden and Yasmin Le Bon.

It's advisable to drink lots of water after the treatment to help things along and keep the skin hydrated.  Also a collagen suppliment will help things along.  You can have this treatment on any part of your body, I chose my face as that is always on show.

A warm wand which is plugged into a Venus Freeze machine is passed over the skin in circular massaging movements once the skin is coated in a protective layer of glycerine to prevent burning from the heat.  It feels warm and very relaxing.  Noorie even has a heated blanket on her salon bed which was really soothing on my back and very cosy and comforting as it was winter when I had the treatment.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum results so that's what I had with before and after pictures to see the effect.  After that it is advised that you maintain top ups at the very most every 3 months.

I was more than happy with the results every time I left the clinic and at the end of the course I was very pleasantly surprised at the overall result and the before and after pictures were astonishing.  My skin is so plump, soft, clear and smooth.  I have such a healthy glow to my skin and it no longer looks grey and tired.  I've had some really l
lovely compliments on my skin from friends.  Even India Willoughby DMd me on Twitter to tell me how fabulous my skin looks!

Here is the price list;
Treatment AreaSingle PriceInclusive Packages*
incl’ 6incl’ 8incl’ 10
Full Facial£95£570£760£950
Full Facial & Neck£120£720£960£1200
Eyes & Forehead£40£240£320£400
Lips & Laughter Lines£40£240£320£400
Stomach & Flanks£130£780£1040£1300
Back & Bra Line£110£660£880£1100
Thighs (inner / outer)£110£660£880£1100

* All treatment packages come with 1 free additional treatment when booked at the time of consultation and is not in conjunction with any other offers

As seen in the Havering Post newspaper and on

Friday, 1 April 2016

Hair Care

I have had lots of trouble with shampoos and conditioners in the past leaving my hair; too greasy, too dry and with a strange film of I presume chemicals on it.  I have tried many different shampoos and conditioners, including suphate free, but there are only a few that I found to be effective.

I look for one main ingredient when choosing a shampoo and conditioner and that is Keratin, which is the protein your hair is made of.  One shampoo and conditioner came out top marks for me and surprisingly it was an inexpensive brand!  Treseme Expert Selection Keratin Smooth.  It comes in 750 ml bottles and there are often good deals on this product in the big chain supermarkets.  Others that I have liked for the smoothness, softness and manageability are Kukui extract shampoo and condition which gives a gloss that repels moisture and NuuNATT Natt Brazilian Keratine daily shampoo and conditioner there is also a leave in conditioner, a serum and a mask in this range, it is definitely one of my favourites to splash out on.  (I usually go to Beauty Craze hair store next to Asda in the Romford Mercury Shopping Mall, they have so much as such good prices in there.

I also found a great little colourant which contains conditioning keratin, so it's like a colour and treatment in one.  Schwarzkopf Polycolour Permanent Cream Colour Tint.  It's available in a after range of colours from dark browns, to reds, to blondes.  You can buy this at Beauty Craze or other outlets such as Superdrug ect.  I always find my hair to be so soft and glossy after using this and it's the best home hair colour I have come across so far.

When drying your hair, it's always important to use a heat protector and serum and to not dry from sopping wet and also to not use a very high heat.  You can also use hair oil for extra gloss and Texture plumping powder at the roots for lift and volume.  Try not to wash your hair daily as you will strip the natural oils, leaving it dull, lifeless and dry.

There is of course Horse Main and Tail shampoo to try!  Many celebrities swear by this and I think I will be giving it a try out of curiosity!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Chocolate Facial at Giorgia Ratta's Clinic

After a horrible wisdom tooth infection my skin was looking and feeling so tired and dull.  I decided to speak to Dr Giorgia Ratta who did my Silhouette Soft.  Giorgia suggested the "Chocolate Facial" a facial with Cocoa Enzyme which promises to remove keratin buildup, (dry skin) and help to brighten and clarify the skin.  Just the name of the facial made me want it! So I travelled up to her!
This product is from Circadia Professional By Dr Pugliese.  Skin type for this facial is oily, acneic, sensitive and ageing.  Three out of four for me!  It is a light powder containing bromelain, papain and trypsin that dissolves cysteine protease and serine protease.  Here are the know benefits of the ingredients: Bromelain-Dissolves cysteine protease, anti-inflammatory. Papain-Dissolves sulphydroxyl protein group. Trypsin-Dissolves keratin.Cocoa-Vaso constrictor and anti-inflammatory.  The powder needs to be added to the activator which contains: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Germaben II, Cocoa Essence.  This is so kind to the skin with no nasties, very natural.  This treatment can be used on hands, feet, elbows, face and back. 

I must say that I really enjoyed this facial, one of the best so far.  First a thorough cleanse was performed with a Vitamin Veil cleanser and then exfoliated Honey Micro exfoliating cleanser using water to rinse.  Then the magic chocolate cocoa enzyme facial was applied by hand.  It smells delicious and makes you want to eat it!  Cling film and a hot steamed towel is applied to the face for 15 minutes.  Once the product was cleansed with water from my skin with water, and pat dry,  Hydraloc Post Peel balm with Hydraulic for bonding moisture was applied.  This looked oily at first, but sank into my skin very well.  My skin felt so comfortable and relaxed afterwards.  When I looked in the mirror I think I looked better than when I walked in wearing make up.  My skin looked and felt calmer, less puffy, glowing but relaxed.  Giorgia even gave me some lovely samples to trial afterwards to keep that feeling of smooth relaxed skin. Endocare Tensage Cream containing snail saliva to help with fine lines and wrinkles plus Heliocare 360 Gel/Oil Free SPF 50 protection.  I found these products to be kind to my skin and improve texture and appearance.  I really loved them, especially the Endocare Tensage Cream which sank straight into my skin like a serum making it feel comfortable and rested.
151, South Ealing Road,
London, W5 4QP