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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Waxing and Tinting as a Model at Havering Beauty Academy

I was recently invited by Katie Newman Manager and owner of Havering Beauty Academy to be a model for Leigh who was finishing her beauty training.  Leigh will be going mobile now that she is fully qualified.

I opted for waxing and tinting.  I had eyebrow, lip and chin wax, which was done very quickly with warm strip wax and painlessly.  (I'm not a very hairy person!).

The eyelash and eyebrow tint didn't take long at all and I was very happy with the professional result.  I opted for black lashes and dark brown brows.  The black lashes really make a difference to my eyes and make them pop.  Along with the brow wax and the tint, my brows stand out more and have some depth to them.  (As I don't often wear make up, it's important to me to have tinting along with SPMU.  It really makes a difference and prevents me from looking washed out).

Leigh was very professional and friendly.  She always consulted with me about my preferences, That is very important to the client.  I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Havering Beauty Academy have a model list and you can simply call Katie or Karen on 01708 472727 to get onto the waiting list providing your mobile number.  The Academy provides exceptional training in all aspects of beauty including SPMU.  They also offer treatments as a salon and pamper parties and their is a hairdresser too.  Everything under one roof and great prices and offers for professional beauty.
Havering Beauty Academy
142 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 1QH
01708 472727

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bee Venom-An Alternative To Botox! Heaven skincare By Deborah Mitchell

A good friend of mine Donna Oulton and head of Heaven Skincare PR based in Liverpool recently kindly sent me some generous beauty/skin samples to blog on from Deborah Mitchell's heaven Skincare range and I must say that I absolutely love them!

I got an array of samples; sachets of masks, cleansers and creams containing bee venom, a jar of silver bee venom mask and a pump tube orange flower cell renewal gel.  Of course, I decided to use these in conjunction with my trusty derma roller which helps the skin to absorb more of the product.

You can actually feel the bee venom working, tingling, bringing blood cells to the surface of the skin to help with renewal and collagen production. 

The silver bee venom mask can be used once or twice a week and washed off and it can be popped over your usual moisturiser for an extra helping hand to your skin.
The ingredients of the silver mask include; Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, Rose/Lavender essential oils and Bee Venom which works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles.  (A great alternative to invasive botox!).  All ingredients are purely organic.

I must stress that no bees are harmed during the process of the venom collection as this You Tube clip demonstrates;

This scented toner rejuvenates and heals tissue. The ingredient that regenerates cells is clinically used in hospitals to repair scar tissue in patients. The key ingredient is AHA which helps dissolve old skin cells on the surface.  This toner is a great anti ageing product.  use day and night after cleansing and before moisturising.  (I sometimes add it to my moisturiser to save time).

I also really like the Divine Cream which increases collagen & elastine.  This can be used as a mask three times a week.  The product can be used on the neck and bust area as an all round body moisturiser.  Divine Cream includes the ingredients; Manderine and Orange essential oils.

The packaging and presentation of these products are really professional and attractive too.

I have been using these products for two weeks religiously now and can see a real difference.  I look fresh, my skin is tighter and brighter.  My husband and friends have also given me compliments about my improved complexion.  As a former botox and dermal filler user, I can whole heartedly recommend this range as an alternative to invasive anti-aging treatments.

There is a whole range of treatments for skin and hair for "him and for her".  The skin products also focus on skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. 

Deborah Mitchell is famous for providing anti ageing skin treatments to celebrities such as; Danni Minogue, Victoria Beckham, Emilia Fox, Katie Price, Michelle Pfeiffa, Josephine Markham, Melinda Messenger and Paul Sculfor.  Deborha's website also has handy tips and addresses for salons who practice her treatments;  You can also follow Heaven Skincare on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks to the fabulous Donna Oulton, you will find plenty of PR out there in magazines, tabloids and on the internet to support Deborah's range and educate you of the positive effects.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Captain Fantastic Children's Entertainer

In the summer holidays of 2012, I met Tommy Balaam at a children's party.  He was the entertainer - Captain Fantastic.  I was so impressed with him that I got his details and since then we have become friends.

Tommy is an accomplished actor, entertainer, comedian, singer and musician.  His company Captain Fantastic specialises in children's parties, he also has CF Discos which are for older children and also adults.

Over the years, I have booked Tommy time and time again, I also got a play booked at my children's local school "Captain Fantastic and the Chocolate Planet", and I took my son to Little Stars a couple of times.

Tommy has a number of Captains and has also introduced new characters such as Pirate Pete, Pirate Polly and Princess Aria.  I am also friends with Ricky and Lisa who have main roles in the company and are great Captains.

I can't recommend CF Parties enough, my children and all their friends always enjoy Captain Fantastic, the Captains are fun and friendly and drum up audience participation getting right on the children's level.  Entertainment includes; magic, balloon animals, puppet show, disco, bubbles, games, foam and a theme tune.

These parties are ideal for a hired hall or even the back garden!

1) OUR MAIN TWO HOUR CAPTAIN PARTYOur popular 2 hour Captain party includes a magic show, balloon modelling, puppets, singing, dancing, parachute games, Punch and Judy show, a tea break and an interactive disco including bubbles, snow, talent show, musical quiz, Captain Fantastic theme tune, classic games and much more.

2)PREMIUM CAPTAIN PARTYWe also have the premium Captain show from our award-winning entertainer Tommy Balaam. This show includes a snow animator, levitation trick, animatronic puppet and a superb lighting rig and large LED backdrop.

Join Pirate Pete or Pirate Polly on their adventure, transforming the children from cabin boys and girls to professional pirates. This party includes magic, puppets, games, activities and balloon modelling. The children will meet Jolly Roger, walk the plank, hunt for treasure and try to avoid the curse of the black spot! Lots of treats and surprises along the way.

Hosted by Princess Aria, the children become part of her magical fairy tale adventure. This party includes magic, puppets, games, activities, singing and dancing. Together the children help Princess Aria as she races to get to the ball. With the help of Freddie the frog the children must pass the obstacles such as the wicked witch and the field of sleepy flowers to live happily ever after!

On weekends main time slots are between 11-1, 3-5, 4-6pm and evenings.

Tel: 020 8245 9019


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Panto Time! Sleeping Beauty at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch

I managed to get hold of some press night tickets for this year's must see panto in Essex - Sleeping Beauty written by Nicholas Pegg and directed by Matt Devitt at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch last night.

What can I say?  We loved it!  My children were transfixed, it was so lovely to see their little faces light up with such happy expression.  (Even the husband enjoyed himself).

The set was fabulous, there was glamour and glitter galore, a rotating stairwell and a giant dragon so realistic that my daughter was genuinely scared.

The writing and music were also as fabulous with funny jokes for adults and an enchanting modern story for the children.  Melodic and robust songs that make you want to join in.  The Choreography was energetic and elegant.

Glamour was the theme with the costumes, sequins, glitter, bold colours and frills.

The cast were fantastic.  Really great acting and singing.  Great comedy timing and the characters really came out at you as large as life.

Sam Pay (Silly Billy) and Simon Jessop's (Nurse Nelly) characters reminded my son and I of Mr Tumble with a dash of Reece Shearsmith!  The husband was quite taken with Claire Storey as the American Fairy Carabosse.  The beautiful Princess Arora (Rachel Dawson) and pretty good Fairy Primrose (Megan Leigh Mason) were enchanting and Arora's father King Ethelbert The Unsteady (Fred Broom) was very funny.  As for the hero of the story Tom Clutterbuck (Thomas Sutcliffe) the kitchen boy in love with Arora, well......swoon!  He was my daughter's favourite as the hero and I have to say my guilty favourite too!

My children tend to go to a few Cbeebies show's and they loved this panto just as much as those shows.  They thoroughly enjoyed their evening (and so did we!).

Get your tickets for Sleeping Beauty at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch, which is showing until 10th January 2015. 
01708 443333

Writer: Nicholas Pegg
Music and Lyrics: Carol Sloman
Director: Matt Devitt
Musical Director: Carol Sloman
Choreographer: Donna Berlin
Cast: Thomas Sutcliffe, Claire Storey, Rachel Dawson, Simon Jessop, Megan Leigh Mason, Sam Pay, Fred Broom

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Non Surgical Breast and Tummy Reduction with Cool Contours.

Being a voluptuous lady and having chronic back pain due to a damaged back a breast and tummy reduction have always been on my agenda.

Since having my children via C-sections my tummy hasn't looked it's best and my breasts have grown larger in size due to breast feeding.  I'm only a little lady of 5ft, so I feel extremely self conscious of my ridiculously huge breasts.  (I've had stares from both genders and lots of unwanted comments from men).  Also outfits that are not designed to be raunchy tend to look so with my huge chest provoking judgement, (mainly from other women).

I did try to apply for surgical breast reduction and tummy tuck on the NHS, but apparently "Tummy tuck is no longer carried out on the NHS" and I am in the "Wrong post code" for breast reduction on the NHS.  Also, even if I lived in a postcode where much needed breast reduction is carried out, I would have to "jump though hoops" and it would "not be guaranteed" that I would get it.

I have known about Cool Contours for a while, (which is endorsed by Lucy Mecklenburgh), and their fat freezing procedure as I went to them to have my tummy reduced last year before a celebrity charity function.  It worked well and I actually got some very nice comments from friends and my husband.

I recently found out that the same fat freezing principle can be applied to breast reduction in both women and men.  I immediately booked myself in.  It took three trains and three hours to travel to Windsor, but it was well worth it.

My breast reduction was carried out first.  Two machines wee used at the same time on the top part of my breasts so as to avoid any glands.  The cups used suck the fat in and the machine freezes the fat cells.  (These froze fat cells then knock against each other, shatter and become liquefied.  They are metabolised through the kidneys and expelled through urination over time). It took about 30 minutes and it was very uncomfortable and slightly painful, but with no side effects, scars or downtime this didn't matter to me.  My tummy was done next with a larger cup and it took around the same time.  (I aimed for the middle part of my tummy as it also works on the surrounding areas). 

After the procedure, my tummy felt smaller, my breasts were bruised and swollen, (I bruise easily and it is obviously a sensitive area).  I followed the instructions to detox and drink plenty of water.  (I also decided to wear a sports bra and tight tummy control pants).  The next day I measured myself around my tummy and found out that I had lost five inches!  (My breasts were still very much swollen).  A few days later the swelling and bruising had gone from my breasts, (I think Epsom Salts baths may have helped).  My breasts are now a cup size smaller and look more pert!  My friends have all commented on my new figure and my husband has noticed the difference too!

I would definitely recommend fat freezing as a non surgical alternative to tummy tuck and breast reduction.  Cool Contours are based in Windsor, Bracknell and Richmond.  They also offer;
- ultrasonic cavitation to reduce cellulite, tighten skin and contour
- face, neck and chin lipo, using ultrasound liposuction and RF skin tightening
- diamond microdermabrasion, good for wrinkles, sun damaged skin, fine lines, acne,
   whiteheads and blackheads
- Dermaroller which stimulates collagen production and cell renewal, good for ageing
  skin and acne.

Price lists are on the website and courses of treatments are recommended for best results.  (Prices are reasonable too).

Also Cool Contours occasionally ask for models for training which means you would get a discounted treatment.  They advertise on which is free to join and also on the Cool Contours Facebook and Twitter;

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Derma Roller for Perfect Skin

I recently delved into the world of the Derma Roller!

I read so much about it and decided to try it at home.  I got an array of products from legitimate sellers on EBay - not bidding items.

I got two derma rollers 1.5mm and 2.5mm.  (A small roller with lots of needles).  I got topical hyaluronic acid serum, collagen gel,  collagen and hyaluronic acid cream, retinol a cream, cell renewal cream and  pure argan oil.

Once a week I roll my face, neck and chest in all directions with the derma roller, one area at a time and treat with all the serums and creams.  The derma roller pierces into the second layer of the epidermis allowing the serums and creams to sink into that layer underneath the upper layer.  The hyaluronic acid and collagen treatments should be used first, serum then cream.  (These ingredients are naturally occurring in human skin, but decrease with age). The retinol cream should be used second from last and then the cell renewal moisturiser and lastly the argan oil to seal moisture into the skin.  (Only use a pea size amount of the retinol a cream on face, this causes the dead skin cells to peel slowly away, so exfoliate each morning and use a good sun block to protect).

(You may draw blood if you have thin skin, don't panic!  This doesn't usually happen though and if you're squeamish about the pain with the needles, get a numbing cream to use before the treatment).

The skin looks red and feels sore for around an hour after the treatment.  Over time the skin boost kicks into renewing the small amount of damage made by the derma roller, thus increasing the production of naturally occurring collagen.  Skin may feel itchy and small flakes will appear when this happens.  Exfoliate and use good moisturisers and sun screen.

My skin looks plumper, my complexion is clear and peachy, my open pores and fine lines are reduced, my skin is also a lot tighter.  People have even commented positively and people who don't know my age guess that I am actually ten years younger!

A cost effective and physically effective treatment for acne, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, loss of collagen and elastin, dead skin cells, ageing skin and complexion patchiness.  This treatment can be used on any area of the skin.

I must spend around £20 on my skin per month at the very most and it is very much worth it!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Non Invasive Face Lift at Aquavie Spa by Elizabeth Caroline

I recently went to Aquavie Boutique Spa in Tonbridge to try The Non Invasive Facelift.

Elizabeth Caroline looked after me.  She is so lovely, beautiful and calming.  She is a really interesting lady - a Buddhist.

My skin was first cleansed and toned and then a special skin cell renewal moisturiser was massaged onto my face.  The Elizabeth began to use the machine which uses nano currents.  These nano currents lift, tone, renew and boost skin cell function.  A quote from the website "Clinically proven to boost the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in skin cells by 500%. ATP is a macromolecule that acts as the power centre of your cells, healthy levels of ATP help enable your skin cells to function, renew and repair. Clinically trials have also proven that a treatment can boost the immune system by improving protein synthesis within the cell membrane. The current used is so controlled, that it's in natural harmony with your body's electrical system. The Alift is doing far more than simply healing your skin, it's working together with your body to achieve natural and effective regeneration."

It felt so relaxing and didn't hurt at all.  It didn't feel odd or uncomfortable.  Then Elizabeth explained that she would do some lifting around my eyes, jaw, chin, cheeks and mouth.  I actually felt the lifting, tightening effect!

After the treatment I felt really happy and relaxed.  My friends told me that I looked rested, tighter and refreshed.  It even carried on working for a time afterwards as I also used the Dermatude Skin Cell Reactivator moisturiser and serum afterwards by Elizabeth.

I would totally recommend this treatment to anybody wanting to smooth and tighten areas without pain, scars and downtime.  To get a more obvious result you would need to get this one or twice a weeks for around 6 weeks. 

I have been told by Elizabeth that she regularly treats Celebrities such; Millie McIntosh and Sadie Frost.

Elizabeth has her own range of skin products and also her own range of Buddhist inspired jewellery.

Enter the world of deep healing and inner peace at:
Aquavie Boutique Spa
126a High Street
01732 353233

Elizabeth also has a clinic in Harley Street: "
Elizabeth, a-one-of-a-kind, and a facialist to the stars, is the owner of Aquavie, and also sees clients at the prestigious no1 Harley Street clinic, where, amongst other things, she practices her “Elementals” treatments.
In addition to her signature “Elementals” treatments, Elizabeth also offers traditional, clinical facials designed to give a superior aesthetic feel which are more results-based.
To compliment her treatments, Elizabeth has developed a skin care range that can be personalised to suit the individuals needs, harnessing essential skin care requirements with emotional well-being. 
Elizabeth is available on Thursdays at Spa Illuminata, Mayfair, Fridays at Harley Street and on Saturdays at Aquavie. For more information on Elizabeth's London services and booking please contact Aquavie direct on 01732 353233 or by visiting Elizabeth's personal website.  If you wish to see Elizabeth at her spa in Kent on Saturdays, you can also book online with her here (scroll down to Elizabeth Caroline Treatments)."



Sunday, 21 September 2014

CBeebies - I Was Invited To The Premier Of "The Furchester Hotel" Hosted By Alex Winters!

Wow! Well! I had an email from Karen Williams of CBeebies inviting my little family and I to a premier of a new CBeebies programme featuring Sesame Street characters called "The Furchester Hotel"  I actually had to read it twice and of course I jumped to RSVP!  (The reason I was invited is I am a lifestyle blogger that heavily supports CBeebies and I feature on Netmums).

My children could not believe it and I even got the husband to come and guess what?  He actually enjoyed the whole experience!  The event was held at Vue in Leicester Square London. 

There were complimentary refreshments and entertainers in the bar area, as well as Alex Winters who was meeting and greeting with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.  It was all organised really well indeed.  We also managed to chat with Dr Ranj from "Get Well Soon".  Dr Ranj works as a consultant in a children's hospital and also appears on "This Morning", "Embarrassing Bodies" and other programmes from time to time, interesting guy.  I had the honour of meeting Alex's family and lovely wife too, who were all incredibly proud of him.  Alex was really excited, (as we have all grown up with Sesame Street).  The kids were so thrilled to meet the characters and the presenters alike.  There was a fabulously talented entertainer there called James Mitchell who juggled and joked.  The children really loved him!
After he finished I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting comic actor John Thompson!  I love "The Fast Show"!  Iconic!  I also met with "The Apprentice" contestant and TV presenter Saira Khan, lovely lady.

We were seated at the front of the cinema and Alex introduced the occasion, thanking all that were involved in CBeebies and "The Furchester Hotel"  We watched a short trailer of some great CBeebies moments over the past year and then we had the fabulous opportunity of watching two episodes of "The Furchester Hotel" on the big screen.  My children were so enthralled with the show and it was heart melting to watch their happy little faces. 

After the show we were introduced to the characters (puppets) and the puppeteers.  I have to say that my favourite was The Cookie Monster although many others favoured Elmo.  There was a Q&A session in which Rufus Hound, (in the audience), asked a question concerning Jim Henson which provoked some emotion.

Then we were back in the bar meeting and greeting again and my children were interviewed about the show by a roving reported puppet on camera for You Tube.

All in all, it was a great day and I am so glad we went.  I look forward to future events and look forward to seeing the rest of the series on "The Furchester Hotel" with my little ones.

"The Furchester Hotel" series first airs on CBeebies Freeview channel 121 at 5pm on Friday 26th September and will continue on Fridays.  My little family and I highly recommend it!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

SPMU with Natural Enhancement

I recently presented as a volunteer model for SPMU with a lovely student called Holly passing her last assessments on semi permanent make up brows and eyeliner.  I of course got a discounted price for this as it was for training.

SPMU can make such a difference and looks so natural.  I opted for brows as mine are very thin and eyeliner as my eyes are small and the natural outline makes my eyes pop.  As I am a busy mum and have constant school and nursery runs in between work I don't get much time to look after my appearance, so SPMU is ideal.

Numbing cream is always used and there is a little discomfort as with any tattoo on a sensitive area, but I assure you that it is well worth it.  (Holly was very gentle and at times I actually felt myself dosing!)

All the ladies at Natural Enhancement are really lovely and make the clients feel comfortable and at ease.

I have had my lips done there too in the past and will again one day, but I don't go as often for this treatment as my lips are very vascular and tend to bleed and scab.  (However, they always look fabulous and full when healed).  Of course not everyone has this problem and I can recommend lip liner and blush to really accentuate your lips and make them look fuller.

Natural Enhancement have a Facebook page which has regular updates on model training days;
Natural Enhancement are based in Chiswick London - all details are on the website:
They are also on Twitter:

Natural Enchancement and also other SPMU training companies around the UK advertise for volunteer models on which is a free website, free membership and free use which will match volunteer models around the UK with trainee beauticians and training companies for hair, beauty, SPMU and even botox abd fillers,.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


WELL!  I did TOWIE again last week.  The last time was in a bar/restaurant in Romford where the bar manager was really rude and called the extras vulchers, so I didn't go back for a while after that.  The TOWIE team and cast are great though.ook

This time filming took place at Headley Spice a very glamorous Indier an Restaurant in Brentwood.  The staff were all really nice, helpful and friendly.  I had a right laugh with the bar manager too.

The extras were a kooky mix indeed!!! I turned up with my friend Debbie Ellis, (we film together on the set of No Reasons a movie by Spencer Hawken.  Deb is lovely, very down to earth and funny.  I took a bit of a shine to Rafael Veyron, (he was ripped and very handsome!)  He is also very modest and has a lovely personality.   Rafael is a personal trainer.  There was a boxer called John Barnard,  John has been deaf since the age of two due to meningitis.  He was very nice.  Hayley Clarke, a Benefits Make up representative and trained actress/singer.  (She was quite a character!) Two regular (and very glamorous), extras called Aimee Le Tourneaue and Michelle Clancy from Wimbledon.  Stacy Roberts a sales consultant and Emma Burns who works at an opticians, (I should have known that as she had fabulous designer specs!)
There were many more, but I can't remember them all.  Some were people that were extras from the very first series and some were very young.  Some were huge - and I mean HUGE fans of TOWIE and the cast!!!  I witnessed a lot of swooning over the boys and heard a lot of admiring comments about the girls.

The cast as I remember were:
Bobby Cole Norris
Billie and Sam Faiers
Jessica Wright
Ricky Rayment
Gemma Collins
James Argent - Arg
James Bennewith - Diags
Danielle Armstrong
Fran Parman
Fern McCann
Tom Pearce
Grace Andrews
Georgia Kousoulou
Lewis Bloor
Jasmin Walia
Dan Osbourne

It was funny as during the eating scene after we all got our food as we were starving, Arg bowled up late!  He got his curry and sat with us.  I made him laugh, (he's always laughing!)  Funny as on TOWIE I used to find him quite annoying, but he is actually really funny!! I like him!  Then Gemma came up and BOOM!!!  They had a full blown row and it was REALLY FUNNY!!!  They weren't even being filmed.  Gemma is VERY feisty!!! Arg was just laughing.  I was really enjoying the entertainment to be honest!  Then Francesca who deals with the extras came over and handled the situation really well to calm things down.  Fran will be dealing with the cast next season, so it was good experience for her!

We all as extras had to wait a hell of a long time in between scenes in the back room, so we lubricated up and had a laugh!!!  Everyone was really funny!!!  We had to break the boredom.  When we were doing scenes, it was very interesting.  I have been on film sets and you have your "ACTION!" and "CUT!" instructions when filming, this is entirely different.  They are much more spontaneous with the filming and I can't remember hearing the work "cut"!

All in all, it was a great day and I will do it again if they'll have me!  We got a few huge group selfies with Arg, Diags and Fran too.

TOWIE - Wednesdays and Sundays at 10pm on ITV2